The New SS

Wednesday, May 24th, 2006 at 0356

Ok so it’s a little propagandist, but hey, isn’t everything else we usually see on Fox and CNN ? 😉
This little video highlights the abuse of powers held by the US Police and for me highlighted just how scary their damn riot cops look. It’s like the bad guys from some exaggerated sci-fi movie for pity’s sake.
US police in action might be a little over the top with respect to melodramatic production value, but it’s worth spending 5 minutes on, to give you something to think about the next time you see peaceful protests pushed back by the militant arm of your government police.

Just who are they protecting and serving, anyway?

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  1. zimmer Said this on

    Link draws a blank.. Censored already ??

  2. Denyerec Said this on

    No, it’s a flash video so unless you have flash installed, you won’t see anything.

  3. Andrew Said this on

    I’ll watch the whole of that later, but from what I saw they didn’t do anything that wrong. True, lots of officers swoop in to arrest the first guy, but thats because they’re not allowed to restrain folk the old fashioned way (large stick to head).

    Additionally, and I suppose this is entirely down to your beliefs prior to watching the video, the first protester takes a swing at the second police officer.

    Wish there was at least a hint of neutrality in the reporting of news. Both sides are equally bad.

  4. Tom Said this on

    Hey – nice auto rant!

  5. deev Said this on

    I’ve been watching quite a bit on the US government recently, all sparked by the 9/11 thing (first thing i thought when i saw tower 2 go down was controlled explosion).

    It’s pretty sick how things are sliding but at least few of the thinkers are taking notice, governments will always try n take the piss, we should question everything they do as a matter of course.

    If you wanna see more similar try Alex Joneson Google Video or for a definative debunking of 9/11 watch Loose Change 2

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