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Tuesday 1639hrs

Quick one today, linking through to a cute cartoon with a pertinent message to anyone who’s ever weilded a camera in anger. What the Duck on Photography.

A little peice on (Woe betide me, I hope I am forgiven…) Fox News (See?) was brought to my attention today, regarding the segregation of men and children on aeroplanes.

So, I have an X and a Y chromosome and I’m immediately a kiddie-fiddling paeodophile “Risk Candidate” ? Holy smokes, that makes me want to feed certain board members of certain airlines into the turbine intakes of their precious jets. If I walk up to someone in the street and shout “RAPIST!” they can have me for defamation of character. If I make suggestions about an illigitimate heritage to someone of prominence I’ll be whisked away and no doubt locked up for several years on trumped up and utterly despicable “terror charges”

However, if I’m an airline then it’s perfectly ok to suggest that I’d roger the Cabin Boy or delight in giving Jane a hand down the well whilst Jack lays unconscious at the foot of the hill. Come on, what’s this all about and why, in today’s litigious society, isn’t someone sueing someone else about it? You could get yourself sued for calling a member of cabinet a wanker (Which is an almost certainly not fallacious…) but you can get away scot free supposing that any adult male is a closet paedophile (Which is almost certainly wrong, and exponentially a more serious, demeaning and damaging claim).

Oh boy, angry Den.

On the upside, I’ve acquired a new lens and a new chair, which means my arse no longer hurts and I can finally take photographs of large things without having to move out of the county to do so.

Can I Have My Month Back?

Friday 1308hrs

I did say “month”, I’m not actually missing a moth. Though I did discover that hawkmoths are actually the size of small birds, which is alarming. Especially when you consider that they’ve been trying to take over the world since the Sydney olympics. Moths in general, that is, not just hawkmoths.

Did anyone actually see October happen? Does anyone have any evidence? I seem to recall promising myself I’d take a month off to work on some personal projects to further my coding and photography (Yeah, that Gallery nemesis is still happening, whoda thunkit?) but nooooo, someone had to go and get sick, then ill, then loaded up with work contracts.


To top it off, Fuji are tempting me with a new camera they’re not really saying anything about, Tokina still haven’t released the 16-50 f2.8 they’re teasing the world with and I’m still not yet a millionaire. Though that’s not to rule out the fact that Fuji and Tokina are conspiring against me on this issue.

Yes, I’ve got lots and lots of new photos. Plenty of old ones too.

No, you’re not going to see them unless I pull a finger out, restore my decrepit backup HDD to my new shiney 200gb SATA drive and recatalog everything prior to sending the old HDD to Holland (Don’t ask) and finally start processing some of the 2,000 odd photos I’ve taken over the last month or so. And THAT isn’t gonna happen if people don’t get off my back about stupid print jobs that aren’t worth the money they’re paying for them. Saving that for another day.