Offensive, unecessary, stupid.

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006 at 1427

A little peice on (Woe betide me, I hope I am forgiven…) Fox News (See?) was brought to my attention today, regarding the segregation of men and children on aeroplanes.

So, I have an X and a Y chromosome and I’m immediately a kiddie-fiddling paeodophile “Risk Candidate” ? Holy smokes, that makes me want to feed certain board members of certain airlines into the turbine intakes of their precious jets. If I walk up to someone in the street and shout “RAPIST!” they can have me for defamation of character. If I make suggestions about an illigitimate heritage to someone of prominence I’ll be whisked away and no doubt locked up for several years on trumped up and utterly despicable “terror charges”

However, if I’m an airline then it’s perfectly ok to suggest that I’d roger the Cabin Boy or delight in giving Jane a hand down the well whilst Jack lays unconscious at the foot of the hill. Come on, what’s this all about and why, in today’s litigious society, isn’t someone sueing someone else about it? You could get yourself sued for calling a member of cabinet a wanker (Which is an almost certainly not fallacious…) but you can get away scot free supposing that any adult male is a closet paedophile (Which is almost certainly wrong, and exponentially a more serious, demeaning and damaging claim).

Oh boy, angry Den.

On the upside, I’ve acquired a new lens and a new chair, which means my arse no longer hurts and I can finally take photographs of large things without having to move out of the county to do so.

5 Comment for “Offensive, unecessary, stupid.”

  1. Andrew Said this on

    I just skimmed quickly and read rape, feeding people into engine intakes, and sore arses. You wouldn’t catch a woman writing a post like this! I’m going to email the BBC!

  2. Steven Woods Said this on

    That bit about Jack and Jill made my trousers swell.

  3. Denyerec Said this on

    LOL Woods, you’re aware that the comment you just made could get you barred from international flights and put on some kind of centralised government descrimination register? 😉

  4. Steven Woods Said this on

    lol, you speak as if i’m not already watched 24/7 by the nice men in the blacked out transit van…

    btw your article was spot on tbh – the world is becoming seriously fucked up, and what’s scarier is the fact that people don’t give a toss, and let it go.

    It’s a sad situation.

  5. Tiggy Said this on

    You could get yourself sued for calling a member of cabinet a wanker (Which is almost certainly not fellatious…) :-)

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