Buy Meat from your Local Butcher. Buy Meat from your Local Butcher. Buy Meat from your Local Butcher. Buy Meat from your Local Butcher. Buy Meat from your Local Butcher. Buy Meat from your Local Butcher. Buy Meat from your Local Butcher. Buy Meat from your Local Butcher. Buy Meat from your Local Butcher. Buy Meat from your Local Butcher. Buy Meat from your Local Butcher. Buy Meat from your Local Butcher.

Because Supermarkets are dirty profit mongering whores.

Soon most butchers will be closed due to low profits, most grocers will have gone and most independant dairies crushed by supermarket demand. Most people nowadays have never eaten good bacon, know what should be in a sausage or even say “Hello” to the person behind the counter who serves them. it’s a joke, a sick tragedy and a loss that will not be recouped further down the line.

Don’t be retards. Buy Meat from your Local Butcher.

Much as I hate criminals, chavs, thugs, louts, hooligans and doley scum who do nothing but destroy this precious isle and the best intentions of its noble and proud inhabitants, I’m also not a big fan of the state. Having privacy slowly stripped away and our right to do whatever we want on our own time is not on, by any measure. A lot of people get agitated by the notion that if you’ve got nothing to hide then what’s wrong with other people having a look. I say that’s nonsense, as anyone who’s ever read a Philip K Dick novel will tell you. Once you give an authority the power to collect and catalog and monitor everything, you’ve essentially surrendered your entire life to them. Now, so long as you play nice and don’t rock the boat you can live out your 80 years (approx) in blissful oblivion under the impression that all is good with the world BUT, if you’re unfortunate enough to slip through the cracks you’re going to find yourself in a world of hurt when “The computer says no.”

What if the kid you bullied at school gets a job at the “Ministry of Information” and decides to get back at you? What if all of a sudden the government makes drinking milk illegal and can trace every purchase of milk everyone has ever made, ever? Sounds ridiculous, but then the Nazi’s rounded up people with long noses. In the USA they want to make mobile phones the centre of your retail experience so you make purchases based off centralised phone credit. Cashless societies are flawed for many reasons, but a cashless society which can track your movements as you make your purchases…? The mind spins at the utter wrongness of it. Sure all that information in the hands of a noble and un-corruptable force would be of no danger to anyone, but sadly we don’t have Lensmen and western governments have already proven that they don’t give a crap about human rights. (Apogies to Opera users, Amnesty Internation evidently need to hire a proper web developer!)

Anyway, back to the title of this mini-rant. You all should remember Robocop and the infamous ED-209 (If you don’t then shame on you, it’s a film history icon). You should also know what happens, then, what happens when the system malfunctions or, more critically, the system creators want to subvert the otherwise noble intentions of an automated law enforcement system. Just a good job that Murphey remembered he was human afterall…

You might be wondering if someone slipped me something in my tea but no, this was all kicked off by another BBC article about Flying Police Death Drones. Ok,so I might be leaning a little heavy on the drama here, but you can see where I’m going with it. How long before they have automated drones that “Automatically detect suspicious behaviour”, how long before they’ve got tazers or tear gas?

I’m all for rounding up the undesirables, the thugs and retarded goons who stab children and have anger mangement problems that would make Adolf Hitler look like a nice guy, but I can’t help feeling that it’s going to go down in a way that’s good for Government and very, very bad for the public.

Windows XP Memory Problem

Tuesday 1309hrs

I had some out of memory errors recently, which is naturally absurd for a machine with 4gb RAM (Yes I know XP doesn’t support it, but it’s future proofing in case Vista ever works out or Adobe release their products on Linux…(And yes I know Vista can’t boot with 4gb of RAM either properly without hacking yet, but by the time I get around to it I’m lazily hoping they’ll have fixed the issue…)) Anyway, back on track, I came across a post regarding a potential fix to some common out of memory errors over at Kevin Dente’s blog. I’ve implemented it, the world has yet to implode and I haven’t come across an error message yet. Fingers crossed.

SEO Musings

Tuesday 1341hrs

This site has a fairly high page rank, as does my business site Sozu, though because Sozu is under redevelopment and has been stagnant for over a year it’s not faring too well in the old search engine listings. Thus I wondered if name-dropping on my blog would have any bearing on the ranking of Sozu. Seemed like a fair strategy, some people set up entire networks of pointless sites to crosslink for search engine purposes so… Meh.
Anyway, the first test will simply link through to it using the text Loughborough Web Design to see if that encourages any movement. The next test, coming later, will involve some paragraphs of text explaining the subject in an attempt to engender “relevance” in the link.

Sorry for the really boring post.