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Tuesday, May 1st, 2007 at 1341

This site has a fairly high page rank, as does my business site Sozu, though because Sozu is under redevelopment and has been stagnant for over a year it’s not faring too well in the old search engine listings. Thus I wondered if name-dropping on my blog would have any bearing on the ranking of Sozu. Seemed like a fair strategy, some people set up entire networks of pointless sites to crosslink for search engine purposes so… Meh.
Anyway, the first test will simply link through to it using the text Loughborough Web Design to see if that encourages any movement. The next test, coming later, will involve some paragraphs of text explaining the subject in an attempt to engender “relevance” in the link.

Sorry for the really boring post.

7 Comment for “SEO Musings”

  1. Andrew Said this on

    Hi, I found your site by searching for “Loughborough Ranters” on google. Will you make me a website? :-(

  2. Denyerec Said this on

    Piss off Dies-el you cheeky git 😛

  3. Goldsacs Said this on

    Must…. click…. link… can’t resist ! :)

  4. lor3 Said this on

    seo-whore! i’m telling.

  5. Zoomer Said this on

    hey well if it works then don’t knock it, and considering these are the types of methods i’ve been using for ages to build up SEO to see how well you doing click here

  6. Denyerec Said this on

    ‘s funny as I find you get different results for that, depending on whether you have spaces after the colon in “link:” , or omit the www. etc.

  7. Martin Taylor Said this on

    I found your site via a Google search on Typo3 and Gallery. Is your site based on Typo3? What is the gallery implementation? I am looking for a photo gallery solution for selling prints and other customer interaction.

    Thanks Martin

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