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Thursday, August 25th, 2005 at 1724

Today I took the first tentative steps towards the impending upgrade to WP 1.5 and all that goes with it. Database backup and some other bits and bobs, mainly trying to get the code in order so nothing is too broken for too long.

The biggest headache is the database, the old one includes all my gallery information along with the WP stuff and upgrading posesses great potential to nuke the lot. Plus I’m also in two minds as to whether they should be extracted into two databases anyway, they probably should be but that causes complications elsewhere because the code I’m dealing with is the first code I ever wrote. And it’s pretty bad.

If anything expodes violently, just hang in there and it’ll get fixed in due course.

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  1. Martiankeeper Said this on

    I kind of assume that you are using some form of SQL based server (especially given the nasty “SQL/DB Error” messages popping up ..
    mySQL is it ???

    I would suggest two databases .. for several reasons:

    1) It is best to separate independently operating systems into their own environments. This make maintainability and portability easier.

    2) If you ever want to shift “just your gallery” somewhere, you would have it (and associated data) in it’s own database

    3) Backup and restore procedures pose less risk as each database can be interrogated independently.

    4) Security can be improved, with each database sporting it’s own security settings and passwords.

    (does this sound waffly enough yet??)

    Apart from it looking good and trying to keep the coding simple, there are very few good reasons to keep everything in a single system (I’m talking of course about small, single-server operations .. which I’m assuming yours is?)

    my £0.02 worth ..


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