Big Smell, Micro Waves

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007 at 1157

It never occurred to me before now, but something tipped me off somewhere out there on the big wide web to the fact that you can sterilise things in a microwave. Why this blatantly obvious fact had until this point eluded me makes me feel somewhat ignorant, but I digress. Kitchen cloths and sponges are microbe hotels. They LOVE it in there with the old food, old fat, moisture… Quite delightful really. It doesn’t take long for a sponge or blue cloth to start to smell a “little off” and this delightful scent will gladly spread itself around on dishes and surfaces washed with it.

The solution? Whack it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes on full. Cloths might take a little less but the sponges (If wet) 2-3 minutes. Needless to say after a quick (And somewhat steamy) blast my previously significantly stinky sponge is reduced to a slightly worn-out but sterile state.


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  1. Zimmer Said this on

    Oops… pass the buckets of water, Boys, there’s fire down below…

    But Shropshire fire service warned that one fire had already occurred when someone in Telford tried the technique.

    The researchers said people should only try to microwave damp sponges.

    Attempting to sterilise a dishcloth in this way is extremely dangerous
    Shropshire Fire and Rescue service

    A statement from Shropshire Fire Service said they had attended a fire which involved a dishcloth in a microwave oven.

    “Shropshire Fire and Rescue service strongly advise the public not to attempt to sterilise sponges or dishcloths in this way.

  2. emma Said this on

    nonononono Just throw the smelly cloths away thus solving the problem!!!
    Crazy foos all burning your houses down over a 20pence dishcloth
    I pity the foo.
    And I ain’t getting on no plane.

  3. Leah Said this on

    How bout just throwing them in the wash the next time you do a load of towels? Or is that to simple?

    Although I do like the sounds of the local fire brigade showing up at the front door

  4. microwave fire smell Said this on

    […] fire Service said they had attended a fire which involved a dishcloth in a microwave oven. … Safety… or professionally repair any appliances that spark, smell unusual, or overheat. … […]

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