Compare and Contrast

Friday, January 19th, 2007 at 1136

A brief stutter out of inactivity to bring two lovely links to you. The word for today (And most likely a long time to come and for a long time past…) is Hypocrisy.

First off we have : America weaponising space in an attempt to “Deny adverdaries access to orbit”. I didn’t think anyone owned that, but there you go, obviously the USA thinks it does and has the budget to make that a reality.

Anyhow, skirting around the implications of that article (Which would probably make for a good post in isolation) we get to the second post that highlights the word of the Era… Chinese Anti-Satellite Test.

If you’re a little slow I’m just trying to point out that the media and government would like you to believe that only white men should have spaceships and/or the right to poke their nose, in glorious high res detail, into the lives of people in other countries and/or guide their expensive missiles into hospitals and daycare centres with pinpoint accuracy.

What they’re missing here is that there has been and arms race running all along, it’s just that because “Their Team was winning (Think white, wealthy and wealthy) it didn’t occur to them. The hare has been out in the lead for so long he’s forgotten why that tortoise is following him, or why the tortoise is riding a Segway. A hopped up, supercharged, submersible Segway with offroad wheels, nuclear arms and anti-satellite missiles.

I have no doubt every nation on earth wants to feel safe, and it’s down (unfortunately) to the people in power to ensure that this safety is reached together and in co-operation, rather than in animosity. M.A.D. only keeps you safe so long as no-one pushes the button.

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