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Monday, December 19th, 2005 at 1819

After a period of offline-ness the contact form is back online. Why you ask? Well we had a bit of a tantrum and it turned out that due to a multipart message exploit some dirty spammer was using my oh-so-innocent contactform to send out crap.

It’s not all my fault! I’d simply used the “WordPress Contactform” plugin, which doesn’t take care of this.

Bit of fiddling later and *bam*, now it’s (hopefully) resistant to that kinda of foul play. I should probably inform the author of the plugin but I’ll do that later under the Sozu banner.

What are you waiting for? Contact Denyerec!

2 Comment for “Contact Me Now!”

  1. John Ryder Said this on

    do you sell photos if so could you give me price for owl portrait
    with thanks J Ryder

  2. Dave collier Said this on

    A (slightly late) happy new year to you Mr D and to the rest of the lufbra possee.

    I hope you had/are having a good time in Oz (thats where you went right?) and everything is going well. Being a corporate wage whore sucks but its still a bit better than being a entrepreneur. Anyway mate see you on IRC at some point


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