ddclient on Ubuntu behind a router

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006 at 0345

There’s a handy service called DynDNS that lets you give a static name to a dynamic IP. Handy for have-a-go heroes hosting websites from home.
Anyhow, to auto-update the IP stored by DynDNS regularly, the use of some client software is advised. Enter DDClient, which happens to run on Ubuntu.

Now, for anyone who’s having trouble getting ddclient to run on Ubuntu in that it’s not picking up their external IP properly, the fix is simple. All you have to do is replace the following line in your /etc/ddclient.conf file :

use=if , if=web

With the following:

use=web , web=dyndns

You can also obtain some information running ddclient -query from your console.

What this does it tell ddclient not to use a network interface (if) but to use the web, and then tells it which web service to use (dyndns). If you leave it to the defaults it’ll just pull the IP from whichever network interface it’s bound to, typically eth0 by default.

6 Comment for “ddclient on Ubuntu behind a router”

  1. Iain Cheyne Said this on

    Thanks for the tip. I couldn’t work that one out at all!

  2. Jonas Said this on

    Thank you very much.

  3. Peter Said this on


  4. dssnz Said this on

    Thanks worked a charm :)

  5. Ricardo Pereira Said this on

    Hi Guys, I have a server with two different internet interfaces, one for one internet provider and other for another internet provider, the two differents interfaces have different public ips.
    How can I configure the ddclient say him, to verify only if public ip of expecific interface change?

  6. Louis Said this on

    Thanks. The trick also works well with no-ip.com

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