Den Yerec

Sunday, August 15th, 2010 at 2359

I’ve noticed a few of the people I’ve done photos for now citing the photographer as “Den Yerec” (Incidentally I have a kungfu certificate made out in the same name, much to my amusement). It’s understandable I guess, given that I’m only ever introduced as “Den” and the web address kinda, sorta makes it look that way. Anyhow this post is just to attract the attention of the search engines and clear up that I’m not actually Mr Yerec, just Denyer. You might also be interested in the Flickr profile of Den Yerec too 😉

One Comment for “Den Yerec”

  1. Zimmer Said this on

    I suppose it had to happen one day….
    I am Mr. Frame and I claim my £10 !!!!

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