DFS and the Eternal Sofa Sale

Thursday, September 2nd, 2004 at 1130

Anyone living in the UK will know DFS. They’ve been around for a while, retailling (naturally) quality seating to residents of this merry green isle.
They also always have a sale on which, always, ends this Sunday.
Perhaps someone was a bit too zealous suggesting that the original sale (Probably started some way back in 1985) should end “This Sunday” and thought it’d be hillarious to continue ending the sale on every Sunday from the date they started until, well, at least until now.
Thinking about it, if you have a sale on every day of every week then your baseline prices would be said sale prices. That would mean that you are never really presenting a below-average-price saving to your customers and, really, shouldn’t be advertising the fact you have a sale on at all.

I wonder if the advertising standards agency has considered this?

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  1. Zoomer Said this on

    I’m sure its has been considered and i’m sure that DFS know where they stand with the law on this subject.

    I belive DFS have to offer that product at full price fo X amount of time before they can call it a sale price. although i would imagine they stock very little quantites and sell hardly any at this full price.

  2. Zimmer Said this on

    Daily Furniture Sale…..obvious, isn’t it?

  3. PoG Said this on

    Yeah but they only sell things at the weekend, when they know they will attract more customers cos the customers work during the week. During the week is when the prices are high, so the people that buy then are actually covering the cost for the lesser number of customers. As the week is longer than the weekend, the price then can easily be called the “baseline”. Great business plan if you ask me.

  4. TechFreakZ Said this on

    One thing to note is that they only need to stock a product somewhere in one of their UK outlets at the full price. They can then offer a sale on that product elsewhere.

  5. fusi0n Said this on

    DFS == Dodgy Furniture Store

  6. Robert Said this on

    I have just been to try and purchase a dining room set at DFS Thorpe Arch Wetherby. Despite lots of stuff being advertised at “half price” the furniture we wanted was not discounted. The total price was £2022. The salesman would not give any discount whatsoever. He did not even offer to round the price down to £2000. £100 discount would have clinched the deal! We did not buy.

  7. shredder Said this on

    Although i would imagine they stock very little quantites and sell hardly any at this full prize.

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