Explore. Opus.

Friday, June 30th, 2006 at 1452

For anyone who uses a computer with any amount of seriousness and, also (perhaps oxymorinically, you be the judge) uses Windows, you’ll know that the default file explorer is atrociously bad. Having added nothing new to the mix since the invetion of copy and paste, despite better ideas and featuresets being available since the very first versions of Windows Commander.

Quite why MS feel the need to stifle the way we interact with our precious 1’s and 0’s is beyond me, but there are alternatives.

This one costs £35 which people may or may not view as a reasnoble investment of monetary tokens. It’s called Directory Opus and although I’ve yet to give it a full runaround I’m very keen to. There’s a good guide to the features avialable in this extensive Guide to Opus. Interesting to note that virtual folders and collections are here in full force, even though Micro$oft still haven’t managed to get that going proprly in Vista…

Incidentally I discovered this gem after someone pointed me to a picture portraying perfectly why children and expensive household interiors are generally a very bad idea.

6 Comment for “Explore. Opus.”

  1. Andrew Said this on

    Ahh, DirOpus – harks back to the Amiga days!

  2. Andrew Said this on

    Wow, after a quick look at your link, that looks fooking superb. Let me know how you get on – might give it a crack myself :)

  3. Marcel Said this on

    Are you trying to get yourself a free evaluation copy?

  4. Denyerec Said this on

    Shhhh… Keep it quiet!
    They actually give you a 60 day evaluation, which is quite generous, and given my impressions from the first days use I think I’d go for a full copy.

  5. lor3 Said this on

    Jesus, i’ve been using this for ages – if you actually read my blog! 😉


  6. Denyerec Said this on

    Like I’m gonna read all the way down there… That’s like me expecting anyone to have ever read my FAQ!

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