Firefox Security Hole

Friday, July 9th, 2004 at 1602

Get it while it’s hot!

This thread details the incredibly quick fix for the firefox/IE security hole. I doubt this will be the last, but it’s encouraging just how fast the remedy came out.

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  1. Pedro Vera Said this on

    Well, look at their motivation for patching it. The Mozilla project as a whole cannot afford one tiny little bit of bad publicity, especially with the new influx of disgruntled IE users bailing for Firefox.

    The IE programmers, on the other hand, have very little motivation. They already control over 95% of the market. They just lost about 1% over the last big hole, but to them is like “ok, we are down to %94, let’s go to Starbucks and recalculate our stock options.”

  2. juree Said this on

    makes your IE news post make microsoft users feel right at home! Patch ahoy!

  3. lor3 Said this on

    It wasn’t a Mozilla bug but a problem with windows – the same ‘bug’ has been shown to work in other products, including MS Word.

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