Holy WTH Batman?!

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005 at 0023


I have *finally* got my upload script in to some kind of functional state. It’s way off being releasable and the public gallery code isn’t nearly finished, BUT, at least for now I can get images coming back onto my site again.

It’s been FAR too long and I have a back-catalog now of about 2000 or more photos to go through, so I am going to be uploading at a fair rate. Don’t blink or, if my intentions remain true, you’ll miss them.

2 Comment for “Holy WTH Batman?!”

  1. Rob Said this on

    Well I hope your intentions do remain true, I’ve been looking forwards to seeing some more of your photos for ages!!

  2. Bobby Bovril Said this on

    Great news! Will there be any pics of weasels?

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