Homo Synaptomys

Wednesday, March 31st, 2004 at 2313

Last night #webdev on the Quakenet IRC network suffered an attack of what I am now dubbing “Red Button Syndrome”. Red Button Syndrome (Or RBS for short) is a condition present in a great many humans and can be summed up with the following example:

“Dave? Dave, I’m off out now for about 5 minutes. Whatever you do, don’t press that big red button.”
“Ok mate, no worries, I’ve got you covered.”
-Insert embarrasing consequence here –

I don’t know whether psychologists bundle this in with “The Human Condition” (TM) or not, but it’s observable behaviour. Adam and Eve, Adolph Hitler, #Webdev… The incident in question relates to a rather nasty Internet Explorer exploit. According to my stats, 50% of my readers have still not taken my advice and are still running the default MS browser. Well guys, you’re at risk, so whatever you do DO NOT click on this link.

Fire away Firefox and Opera users, you’re good to go.

Why do we do it? I don’t know. Perhaps curiosity really did kill the cat, then we ate the cat and thought “Hey, curiosity isn’t such a bad thing afterall.” Maybe we’re all just hopeless at taking other peoples’ advice and will only believe once we’ve seen things with our own eyes. Personally, I didn’t click the link. I was told not to, because it was a virus, so it did not get a click. Why other people find it so hard I’ll never know…

5 Comment for “Homo Synaptomys”

  1. Zimmer Said this on

    Well, I hovered over it….and resisted…and some kind person sent me two,yes, two virus infected e mails this week. I have passed the offending articles to my ISP support team, who may use them to track the real perpetrator…one can but hope…

  2. MaZ Said this on

    I saw, i clicked, i came away whole. Thanks Mozilla MoonCow!

  3. monkeyking Said this on

    Why go “explorer” when you can go “opera”

    Update; still have not found the lost tribe of beautiful sane people, but I’m not giving up, they must be out there somewhere, I’ll find them.

  4. Zoomer Said this on

    firfox rules even if it is a tad memory hungry.

  5. em-mah Said this on

    no one sent me any buttons, was it a pearl effect in burgundy because i need one of those for my suit jacket?

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