ID Cards in Demand?

Thursday, November 6th, 2008 at 2006

It seems that the BBC, guilty of the odd jaunt into fictional reporting, has turned it into a full time occupation. Apparently our beloved facist underminer Jacqui Smith believes that ID Cards are in demand, which is funny, because I don’t know of a single person with whom I’ve discussed the issue who actually thinks they’re a good idea.

Don’t make me put the Niemoller quote again. Please don’t.

5 Comment for “ID Cards in Demand?”

  1. Andrew Said this on

    The article is about Jacqui Smith saying that ID cards are in demand, not the BBC..?

    I’m as much into privacy as you are Den, but these posts don’t do you justice…

  2. Denyerec Said this on

    After reading that article in a non-sleep-deprived state, you’re quite right and I have made a minor edit. I should hire you as an editor 😀

  3. Andrew Said this on

    Ach you know I don’t mean to be moany or grumpy, I’m just very protective of the privacy argument — all too easily it can slip into the ‘youtube conspiracy’ cycle which is a very hard position to defend from :)

  4. Sheena Said this on

    You wrote, “It seems that the BBC, guilty of the odd jaunt into fictional reporting.” When haven’t these media outlets not been guilty of fictional reporting? Sheena

  5. Ruth Said this on

    It is plainly obvious, the world over, that the mass media is guilty of “Fictional reporting.” They are in the tank with a humanist, anti-sovereignty, godless point of view. Ruth

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