I’m back!

Sunday, March 28th, 2004 at 1226

Thanks to Valuehost playing a little too heavily on the value and not so much on the host, my site went down for 4 days. Right at the time when my webby’s URL got into a national magazine. Bummer.
Partly in anger, partly through sensibility and partly thanks to a paypal donation from a very good friend of mine (You’ll get it back when I get paid, honest!), I have switched hosts to United Hosting. They have servers in the US, and they answer tedious support queries within 5 minutes when it’s 2am GMT. Kudos.

Now the bad news… Site migration went OK, but their server setup is a little different so I can’t upload any new images with my old script until I get things fixed up. Hold in there, revisit the gallery and please, please please let me know if you find something that’s not working as I’ll need to patch it up.

Magazine extract to follow, as soon as I fix image uploads.

2 Comment for “I’m back!”

  1. Zimmer Said this on

    Is that rolling link icon at the bottom of the site part of your new host’s agreement, or have you put that there yourself?? (or is it a trespasser?

  2. Zimmer Said this on

    Ok, I’ve worked it out. It is your SigRing link…silly me…

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