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Monday, September 3rd, 2007 at 0812

My images are being stolen. This is beginning to piss me off.
The more hawk-eyed readers will notice that at the bottom of the gallery pages is a Creative Commons licence, which permits someone to use my photos for non-profit, if they simply attribute the original image to me. Not a tall order, to be honest. If I could use a Nikon D3 camera for the price of simply telling people I got it from Nikon, that would rock! And you know what, it would be easy to do, too, because the camera has “NIKON” stamped on the top in big letters. Peice of cake.

Oddly enough , my images have “M Denyer” on them, this lets people know that the person who took the photo is called, who’d have thunk it, M Denyer. (The M is for M, by the way.) You’d like to infer from this that such a person deeming my images fit for use would then have to simply display them, as-is, and the attribution part of the bargain is complete. Actually ZERO effort required. Literally, none. It’s actually harder to copy the image to your own FTP server than it is to hold up the attribution part of the bargain.

This is therefore why I get angry when thieving punks like this git running a website about a Jersey Water polo Club and another individual running some blog (I will not abuse this fellow human just yet, as I only hailled them this morning about the issue, so have yet to see how they respond. If they respond correctly, I will be crediting them with a link. If not, I’m going to get angry on their behinds.) use my images and go through the arduous trouble of attempting to conceal the copyright notice.

If you are a non-profit organisation and you leave my copyright notice intact, the images are FREE FOR USE. Get it? It’s clear these people are either compulsive kleptomaniacs for whom the thrill of the steal is the main event, or they’ve got some kind of learning disorder and simply cannot read. Given the fact that both of them have managed to author websites, even if not of any noteably great standard, I am lead to conclude that they are just plain old thieving bastards. Yeah that’s right, I said it.

Just for the record, the original photograph of the White Faced Saki and the Jersey Cow can be found in my gallery.

Update – After lunch
Looks like the blog owner over at Quedat took my polite yet-ever-so-Britishly-aggressive message to heart and has reversed their copyright chop, to display the full image avec-copyright. One down and one to go! (That I know of…)

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  1. Steven "Denyerec stole these photos from my website first anyway" Woods Said this on

    Wow… you’ve got MY blood pressure up with that post, you angry son of a bitch lol.

    Seriously tho – I also hate people like this … i’ve always made it a point to say “hey, is it okay if I use your AWESOME, EXCELLENT, FANTASTIC (smarm) photography in this design im doing link?”.

    I’m sure you probably wouldn’t have bust a vein if they’d have done that – WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE ARTERIES!?



  2. Keeran Said this on

    What can you say to someone like that? Offer to do him a decent site if he pays for the photography license as part of the deal :)

    Hope you sort something out anyway :)

  3. Peter Terence Roux Said this on


    I see you have a complaint against me, and a website I created using a picture that is supposed to be one of yours. I have not “stolen” your copyright as you claim, as I received this picture on a CD of images that I bought at a car boot sale for 20p. This picture did not have any visible copyright displayed on it.

    You have however infringed upon my rights by freely publishing my email address on this website without my permission. You have also referred to me as a “git” and as a “plain old thieving bastards”. You have also written a derogatory reference about the standard of the website in question which I created.

    Not only have your broken the law by infringing upon my rights – by the way I am qualified in law – but you contradict your own policy of not liking it when your rights are infringed but it seems okay to you to be able to infringe upon my rights.

    I demand that any reference to me is removed from your website and any other source of data you have access to, otherwise I will be taking this forward and seeking compensation. I also demand that you publish a public apology to me on your website without publishing my email address.

    If you can show that the image you propose was taken by yourself, and is not in the public domain, then I will gladly remove it.

    In future it would be wise to make sure of your facts before infringing upon the rights of others.

    Peter Terence Roux
    5 December 2007

  4. Denyerec Said this on

    Just FYI, I received an email containing just this from Mr Roux too:

    “You have been warned.”

    I’m responding to him via Email.

  5. Keeran Said this on

    Mr Roux,

    You are qualified in law, yet you didn’t question copyright ownership of materials purchased on a CD at a car boot sale.

    Presumably you have contacted the purveyor of such quality goods with similar gusto?

    Your email address is already public domain – if Google know about you, the world knows about you.

    Maybe you could send them a threatening letter?

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