Image Thieves Update

Saturday, December 29th, 2007 at 1426

After a brief exchange of emails and original full-resolution JPG’s to prove authenticity, the outstanding case of one of my images being displayed without attribution has been sorted out amicably. As it turns out, the chap (Mr Roux) who used the image came by it on a CD of images bought at a car-boot sale. Turns out to be more a case of innocent possesion of stolen goods than direct bank robbery so an apology to Mr Roux for that one.
As for the stealing bandits authoring the CD’s I can only wonder what other knocked off clobber they’re writing to disc and flogging for 20p a pop at carboot sales. The location in question is “D’Auvergne School La Pouquelaye” in Jersey, so all I need now is a friend over there who feels up for having a couple of polite words. Heavy wooden stick shaped words… :) I doubt it’s piracy on a scale that FACT would have any interest in, though, no matter how grass-roots they attempt to appear with their Don’t Copy That Floppy adverts and the like.

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