Myopic Foresight

Sunday, April 16th, 2006 at 1008

Once again another startling and classic example of what’s wrong with modern policy governing things like fuel consumption, climate change and generally short-sighted, self-invested western 1st world behaviour. Never do you hear them say “Wait, we should look at ways of reducing our power consumption” or “We’re running out of oil, we should use it more cautiously.”

Nope. Never. That would require a lifestyle change, or some actual conscious effort and good-will which would be far too much to expect from a fat, spoilt population. Shortages will creep up on us, prices will rise and the poor will be unable to afford “basic” services, simply because people are too shortsighted and flat out too stupid to do little things like turning off lights when they’re not needed, or not running electric heaters and putting on a jumper instead.

When will the general public and the bloody government wake up to the reality that the rate of consumption is well past the rate of supply. Two factors present themselves here and the rate of supply cannot be extended indefinately, so why not take a little look at the rate of consumption. That one’s really easy to deal with, yet no-one seems ready to deal.

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