Net Neutrality

Friday, June 23rd, 2006 at 1638

I’m glad I didn’t waste my time writing a hugely sarcastic peice, biting in to the arses of the moneygrabbing telco monopolies that want to discriminate between internet traffic types so they can set tiered prices for skype, MSN and basic web browsing. I’m glad I didn’t bother to rant on about how that’d make it possible for a government to subvert the masses by adding premium charges to non-aligned news websites and services. I’m glad I didn’t bother, as The Register beat me to it and put it better than I probably could have.

Why Net Neutrality is a Bad Thing. Be warned if you’re not good with sarcasm, have someone sit with you to explain this one.

One Comment for “Net Neutrality”

  1. John Hunt Said this on

    Personally, I don’t think a non-neutral net would work…only idiots with too much money will sign up to private sectors of the net..and there’ll always be decent alternatives.

    I think I got the right end of the stick anyway?


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