On a Budgie

Friday, December 12th, 2003 at 1413

Well, I thought it was about time to plug Learning Photography on a Budget, a short article written by a friend of mine who’s been experimenting with dirt cheap film, processing and a Zenit. Why? He likes photography and, unlike me, he’s not prepared to spend his life savings, 3 months rent and 4lbs of flesh ona camera rig. Good on him I say!

Anyone with under a hundred UK pounds to spend can get started, some cheap Fuji Superia 400, an old manual Zenit body, some cheap Zenit-mount lenses from EBay (~10 pounds a throw) and if you shoot slides or only have negatives processed, you won’t scare the moths in the wallet.

It’s no Leica, but for learning, fun or simply scaring people with your communist-looking camera gear it’s a great way to go.

Further photography goodness?
Not today.
Might upload some more photo’s if I’m feeling generous, but that’s unlikely, got work to do! *Gasp*.

I do need to examine how tightly I want to integrate the gallery and the Log, see if I need to restructure the backend a little as I’m growing tired of its simplicity. Also need to get my “business” website, Pixelape, up and running. More later.

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