Parental Wisdom

Wednesday, August 10th, 2005 at 1223

My dad, bless, is a closet geek. In fact I’m not so sure he’s even in the closet. Remebered fondly are my days of playing Quake2 with him lurking then, after going to bed, hearing the gunshots and grenades going off downstairs…

Today, talking about “Stuff” on ICQ (Real geeks don’t need telephones, see, ASCII’s all you need…) this little gem came out regarding Micro$oft and their policy regarding the “MS Office Treadmill”…

In writing terms it is a bit like selling an expensive pen, then saying you need a new one because we have invented new paper and the pen won’t write on the new paper. The pen is not broken… (so I am only going to use Linux pencils in future.. :) )

Penguin Pencils… Made me laugh :)

2 Comment for “Parental Wisdom”

  1. Gabby Said this on

    Haha… dad’s they’re funny creatures…. he’s right tho!

  2. Zimmer Said this on

    Penguin Pencils….I see a marketing opportunity, I wonder if Partners would be interested in my new pencil range…. :) (and how will the Creative Commons thingy affect the use of the Penguin, not to forget how McVities might react.)..Da*n!! the legalities of it all stifle any real amusing creativity , except, perhaps, for those folk beyond our borders who couldn’t care a fig for any IP legislation..hmmm, where do I get a slow boat these days??……

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