Monday, July 5th, 2004 at 2056

Just thought I’d do some cross-site pimping, and add a link to a chum from #eve-online to the links list. Go, now, check out Rinnyweeeeeee!

I keep resolving to add more photos. I keep failing. Cheer me up and send me some money perhaps? 😉

3 Comment for “Rinnyweeeeeeeee”

  1. rinnywee Said this on

    Darn tootin

  2. Zoomer Said this on

    will 500 in monopoly money do?

    ps. actuly what would you charge for a larger print of any of your work?

  3. Urban Mongral Said this on

    I think I have given you enough money for the time being.

    Get some photos up Den!

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