Say no to the police state…

Friday, September 23rd, 2005 at 0012

…and get kicked out of shopping centres.
El Reg has a peice on some sane people being kicked out of a shopping centre. Why? They were distributing a harmless, correct and informative flyer at the same time as some Pro-ID henchmen were touring the self same shopping centre.
So the henchmen had a word with staff, who had a word with the police who had more than words with the 4 calm “Protestors”. I’d take that as an indicator that we don’t need ID cards to propel us into a police state…
Read the full article on The Register.

Because I like them and think they’re dead right, click right away to view a copy of the No2ID flyer.

Also, have a link over to the No2ID website.

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  1. Martiankeeper Said this on

    Actually the shopping centre is a private building, owned by a private organisation with their own security staff.

    They have imposed a local bylaw prohibiting anyone from distributing leaflets to shoppers in the Metro Centre (the shopping centre).
    I personally applaud this .. I resent the amount of public “junk mail”, and I am normally bombarded with about 5 free leaflets, and at least 2-3 free newspapers and/or information brochures every single day on my walk to work.

    They were handing out leaflets, so they Metro Security staff asked them to leave, the Police were asked to attend to make sure that there was no breach of the peace.

    Where is this big conspiracy you seem to be on about??
    If some bugger comes round to my house and tries to hand out leaflets on my front door, I want to be able to call the police and tell them to get lost .. it’s a private building, so why can’t they?

    I think the reason leaflets are innapropriate for shoppers, is because people are there to SHOP .. I for one don’t want to be harrassed by anyone if I’m trying to get shopping done .. that includes anyone handing out leaflets, regardless of their intentions.

    (having said all this .. I would have been interested to know what the reaction would have been if they hadn’t had leaflets with them .. would they still have been thrown out if they had simply stood there and protested?)

  2. Denyerec Said this on

    I can almost agree with you regarding handing out junk, but they’re not selling a service, they’re not trying to get you into a nightclub. They’re trying to inform the public of the problems and frightening consequences of a nationwide ID system as proposed.
    Further, the “Pro ID” campaigners had been allowed to set up and chat. You can bet your ass they had leaflets too and no-one worried about it. Why not? They’d most likely paid for a pitch or just negotiated with the police.

    So if you can’t afford to pay for a spot, or don’t have friends in high places, are you not allowed to voice the fair and balanced opposing view to an advertised scheme?

    You must have stopped reading before the foot of the article, I quote:

    The Home Office confirmed that it too was handing out leaflets. One covering information about the new e-passports, and the other with details of the new photograph standards guidelines. “The purpose of the roadshow is to inform the public,” a spokesman told us.

    Funny that.

  3. Nile Istic Said this on

    Kill em all, let God sort em out

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