Serious and Organized

Sunday, June 10th, 2007 at 1205

Once again the window into our beloved Big BrotherState, the BBC, brings us a harrowing peice about two desperate and dangerous criminals, determined to endanger the lives of our beloved parliamentary doo-gooders.
Obadiah Marius was arrested under the “Serious and Organised Crime Act”, another one of those policies dashed through to provide blanket powers to the police under the guise of doing something useful to protect us from, well, Serious and Organised crime. He had in fact just gotten himself a little lost which, I’d always though, was allowable. It seems now however that “Inability to Navigate” has been added to the list of henoius and sinful crimes alongside “Speaking your mind near Whitehall”. Interestingly enough his girlfriend was released, though her name wasn’t. I wonder if Obadiah was “White British”, or perhaps his girlfriend? She was released, afterall, even though it’s well known that women can be at times both very serious and organised.

Don’t get me wrong, I think with the jokes the UK government is pulling off on a global scale they really do need that security, but do they genuinely believe that Obadiah Marius was either serious, or organised? Just make sure you don’t stop to ask a copper for directions in The Smoke any time soon, else you might find yourself sharing a cell with genuinely serious and organised criminals… 😉

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  1. Andrew Said this on

    Don’t be silly Den, women aren’t clever enough to commit crimes!

    I also read somewhere that they are trying to lower the number of women in prisons by, er, not sending them to prison. I want equality for women, but this ain’t equality…

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