Some irony for you too

Monday, March 14th, 2005 at 1806

Just a minor update… The footer for all the Home Office documents reads:


Safe? My GF couldn’t hurt a fly, despite some shockingly contradictory photographic evidence 😉
Just? Deporting a tax-paying, defacto-married partner of a British Citizen?
Tolerant? Not prepared to overlook a 3 month gap in bank statements caused by THE BANK ITSELF.

Don’t make me laugh. Their tagline should read “Building a mockery of a sham of a sham of a mockery of a shame we like to call a society”

3 Comment for “Some irony for you too”

  1. Daffy Said this on

    Hi D
    Who said society couldn’t function without red tape…
    Sorry to read your news, and I hope it all works out. Maybe you should consider blogging from down-under (if you can fathom the upside down keyboards) – maybe Aus is a more tolerant & just society?

  2. Steven Woods Said this on

    Yes, but why should he have to…. they have a life here, and have commited no crimes whatsoever…. in fact, C appears to have done more good for the immediate society than a lot of people ever do.

  3. Bob Toilet Said this on

    Your situation is terrible and I hope you get it sorted, but did you make any contingency plans for this eventality? Hope you’re successful she sounds like the sort of person we should be inviting to live here not chucking out.

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