Spam Nirvana

Saturday, October 22nd, 2005 at 1543

Ok. Almost 2 days into using the Spam Karma plugin. Give the man a Nobel prize and get his code into the WordPress core.

Awesome work, basically. If you have wordpress get this plugin, no question about it, simply the best spam blocking doo-jar whats-a-mah-jig available.

If I actually had any money, I swear for something this useful, I’d part with some of it.

2 Comment for “Spam Nirvana”

  1. TechFreakZ Said this on

    I’m a good for nothing spamming mother fo!

    Bring it on spam killer – i got my nine, and your number!

    Time to join the next world…

    Sir Spam.

  2. Justin Baeder Said this on

    Amen. SK2 is a keeper. It catches 200-500 a day on my site (though I think it counts stuff that would have been killed by the blacklist anyway).

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