Stick it to the Idiot. I mean man.

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008 at 1808

Just thought I’d share this gem:

It’s a bloke standing up for himself against the Thought Police / Brown Shirts / NAZI Enforcement Squad / UK Security Policy.

You go mate, I just hope the rest of the mindless sheep that inhabit this green isle take to heart your example and start fighting back against the continual persecution of innocent people and the erosions of freedom within the UK under the shoddy and two-sided banner of anti-terror legislations.

If we cannot be free people in our own land under our own democracy, then I can only conclude that the terrorists, if they’re out there, have won.

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  1. Andrew Said this on

    I spotted a guy writing graffiti on a wall opposite my house, and took a photo. When I phoned the police, I told them I had a sequence of photographs showing the offender actually writing his message.

    When the police officer came to see the photos, they claimed that they couldn’t be used as I didn’t have a sign up saying that I was taking photographs of the street. When I pointed out that I had just taken a photo of my street, a public place and it just so happened a crime was taking place in my photo, they again claimed it wasn’t usable as evidence.

    This isn’t a moan at the police officers, they have a very difficult job, it’s a moan at the sheer rediculousness of the situation.

    I did have half a mind to blow the photo up and stick it over the graffiti, but I’d probably get done for fly-posting.

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