The 4th Realm

Thursday, June 12th, 2008 at 1350

I bring you possibly the sanest member of the UK parliament. So sane, he resigned.

David Davis Resignation Speech

Listen to his speech, it’s only a couple of minutes. You’ll most likely end up wishing, like I did, that everyone else except David Davis had resigned. Why is it that the people capable of forseeing the facist Orwellian mess that this nation is decending into are compelled to make their point by resigning, leaving the bloody minded idiots to man the ship whilst they condemn themselves to martyrdom and positions of impotence? I only hope the chap gets re-elected in the by-election and comes back to the house to do some good.

Knowing the average, constantly terrified and ever-suspicious-of-non-white-Britons Sun readership, though, I don’t much fancy his chances.

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