The End of the Internet

Saturday, June 14th, 2008 at 0205

Some French sounding people (Canadians I think) talk about the end of the internet.
They are not blowing hot air here and if enough lethargic devils don’t get off their arses and out of their chairs and actually actively DO something, the hard reality of corporate control over what is quite probably the 8th wonder of the world will come to pass.

The mentality of people who say “Ahh it’ll never happen” is the same one shared by the people who sat back and watched Kristellnacht.

In the words of the great Immortal Technique (From Poverty of Philosophy),

You cannot change the past but you can make the future, and anyone who tells you different is a Fucking lethargic devil.

Amen that man.

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  1. Andrew Said this on

    Well, I was certainly distracted from the main issue by that video.

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