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Thursday, September 7th, 2006 at 1937

It’s been quiet. Don’t sue me.

I am a child of the 80’s. I played with transformers. Things that turn into robots, for the uninitiated. You can’t get cooler than that.

However I stumbled on what is, allegedly, a preview of what Optimus Prime will look like in the upcoming 3D Movie. Click for Optimus Concept Art. Errm. Excuse me? What is that steaming pile of $#&* ?

Please viewer, acquaint yourself with the *ACTUAL* Optimus Prime.

What in the name of all things holy were they injecting when they decided to make one of the most iconic toy and cartoon characters ever into some anonymous, unidentifiable mish-mash of non-correlating, disorganised, hopelessly overstyled trash?

Moons ago I stumbled on a transformers render test by an independent artist that I was fooled into thinking was a rendertest from the movie. It shows a white Ultra Magnus cab transforming and, in my opinion, looks outstanding. It also shows a “feasible” transformation from a truck cab onto a properly proportioned and good looking Optimus-style robot.

I say fire the graphics crew on the movie and hire this guy, as his work is miles ahead.

Hopefully the “leaked” artwork is a hoax, and the movie characters will actually look like, you know, their characters. If the new ultra-spikey nonsense junk artwork is for real, then I’m of course going to do nothing constructive, I’ll just whine for a bit. Just sucks, though, as the movie production is making it look like they’re targetting the audeince that would actually rember Transformers “G1″, then spitting in their eyes by producing robots that look like scrapheap challenge accidents. Ahh well.

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  1. Rob Said this on

    It certainly does seem like they’re taking a classic and making a balls-up of it.
    Is it me or is that the hollywood way?

    *desperately tries to think of good examples.

    Well there are plenty of examples but none that I’ve been foolish enough to actually go and see, so I’m not gonna name names.

  2. Danno Said this on

    To be honest Den, im open minded about it, i can stomach that ‘newer’ version of optimus…why?, because i like films that are at least alittle believable, when i was 7 i did’nt have much understanding of mechanics or physics..indeed modern science…now i do.. hence i don’t expect a truck to be able to transform into a robot and look largely like truck components moving.. if a race of robots existed i expect them to be predominantly robots evolved to suit a niche… and as a hindsight something that will blend into our society (why? as they must be more technologically advanced to get here and not be noticed! who cares, but credit me with that little bit of intelligence that knows things get complicated). I don’t want a film that appeals to kids.. they can go play with tinky winky or whatever suits their time.. This ones for us, it should grow as we have.. otherwise go watch the cartoon. the film would be nothing new.

  3. Phunky Said this on

    Sod that, its a film – its make belive – its not real! and that im sorry to say is not prime!

    Some of the changes suggested i could take, like megatron turning into a tank instead of a gun. But having some DragonBall Z style prime mixed up with a bit of Queer Eye for the Straight guy is just down right WRONG.

    Transfomer Fans…. ROLL OUT!

  4. Denyer Said this on

    Yeah, it looks pretty dodgy so far — have you read the script draft from earlier this year? Basically a film with some alien robots in, nothing particularly ‘TF’ save for the names. ( )

    If you’re into comics at all, I’d suggest IDW’s recent series instead;

    …much better than the Dreamwave stuff from a few years ago, IMO.

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