Upgraded! (yes, honest)

Monday, August 29th, 2005 at 1531

For the observant, a few changes will already be apparent. Some things are broken and missing. Some things look a little different.

That’s because I’m now running WP1.5 and it was a lot less painful than I’d envisaged. Also the change was so fast I didn’t have to have my site wearing the so-generic-it’s-painful default Kubrick skin. Hurrah!

Please please please contact me immediately if you see anything amiss so I can get on to fixing it as soon as possible.

7 Comment for “Upgraded! (yes, honest)”

  1. Denyerec Said this on

    Just me… testing a comment…

  2. Richard Said this on

    Ooooh seems nice. I dislike the lack of rounded corners in IE though… They ARE possible! :)

  3. Denyerec Said this on

    Yeah, thing is to get them in IE you either have to have nasty hacky javascript that doesn’t work as advertised (NiftyCorners broke hopelessly on this layout) or you have to slice up 109274 images and burden your user with bitsy image downloads. I’d rather IE users just grow up and move to something decent.

  4. Richard Said this on

    Getting a bit bitchy there Den :) It’s unfortunate that NiftyCorners broke, it’s usually quite good. Just starting to play around with my own WP blog now, and trying to create a design for it… I’m ok once I have an idea…..

    Anyway, that was a ridiculously quick reply!

  5. Andrew Said this on

    You can do rounded corners with CSS easily, and a couple of placeholder div’s. Total cop-out mr denyerec 😉

    Never mind, my ‘new’ site will be up shortly; Completely ass design, but since desto.net fell over anything is better than nothing 😉

  6. Denyerec Said this on

    but then you need placeholder divs and graphics! And I don’t wanna use graphics on this site… Much.

  7. Richard Said this on

    Ah ok we’ll let you off then :) Not that I’m much of a designer anyway…. :(

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