WordPress 1.2

Wednesday, June 16th, 2004 at 1332

You may or may not know that I used WordPress to power the blog section of my site. I use 1.0.1 which is now old and cranky. Version 1.2 has been released but I’m in the middle of re-writing my gallery backend so won’t be upgrading for a few weeks until the gallery is finished. When I finally do upgrade, expect things not to work for another good few weeks whilst I hack and tweak things back to normal and then and only then will I re-code the Amazon Media Manager to work with WP1.2.

I’m just about to start investigating WP1.2 offline, though I heard 1.3 is in the pipeline and will be another major update, so I may skip 1.2 all together if I’m too slow getting round to the upgrade.

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  1. Doug Stewart Said this on

    Dunno if you’ll necessarily need to recode it to make it _wor_ with 1.2. You’ll need to recode it to make it a plugin, for certain, but on my test blog, it appears to be working just fine at the moment.

  2. Doug Stewart Said this on

    s/wor/work/g in my last post.


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