LOTR: Condensed.

Thursday 2230hrs

For those of you who cannot be bothered with the books or the movies, I give you:

The Lord of the Rings (Condensed)

World First

Wednesday 1050hrs

I wrote a PHP script today, there were no errors and it worked first time.
Just thought I’d share that with you :)

I’ll be sharing the script soon.

Bandwidth Battery

Wednesday 0910hrs

Grey Tuesday has been and gone by without the excitement of a C&D letter from the darlings at EMI. I guess I should take that as a good thing.

After the files were deleted from my FTP I decided to take a wee look at my website stats…

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Grey Tuesday

Tuesday 0058hrs

As you can see, the site has turned grey. Praise to my CSS skills :)
All is not rosy, though, as my gosh-darnit web host is having another of its “Remote device full” evenings. I managed to up a couple of tracks but not the whole thing.

Try here for the album, I’ll see what comes in the morrow.

OCUK still suck, by the way, though the machine is assembled and running sweetly. A ‘review’ of the unit will follow sometime soon, though it will be more of an objective thing than a nerdy stat-bashing session.

I finally got it up and online, goodness only knows the hassle I’ve had.
Grab your copy of The Grey Album here

This morning I received a delivery from Overclockers.co.uk, parts for constructing a friend’s PC.
I unpacked everything and geave everything the obligatory looking over. Lo, to my absolute lack of surprise, OCUK have screwed up again. This would, on a one-off, not bug me, however I have yet to order something from them and have it turn up correct and on time.

They are advertising Shuttle 6-in-1 card readers, which ship with changeable bezels and are of reasnobly decent construction.

What they SELL are these, some dodgy knockoff OEM part that looks like it was glued together using Games Workshop castoffs.
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WP 1.0.1 Upgrade

Saturday 2237hrs

Well, I’ve finally managed to drag my script screaming into WordPress 1.0.1 territory and it wasn’t nearly as hard as it probably should have been.

I did, however, manage to delete half of my htdocs folder thanks to a bit of a slip with the old FTP program. This is bad, as I lost my .htaccess files and I have NO idea what on earth was in it before it died.

I’ll re-write it as soon as I remember what it did.

Also the theme switching is in for an overhaul because some bright spark at WordPress HQ had the blog header file send out headers, meaning that cookie-setting on the main site is now a no-go. I’m looking for a workaround that won’t do too much damage to the WP backend. More to come.

Testing Fuji S2 raw sharpness : Photoshop CS versus EX

A short and sweet article by my good friend majic, highlighting the horrendous mess Adobe have made of their RAW conversion.

Why does this suck? Because I’ve been converting all of my holiday photos in Adobe instead of Fuji RAW EX, simply because I’d not bothered to install it and the Fuji programmers have never heard of the term ‘Workflow’.


The Grey Album

Friday 0944hrs

A friend of mine forwarded a link to an interesting site called Grey Tuesday, basically it’s making a stand against record companies and copyright lawyers trying to clamp down on people who use samples in their work. The leeches lawyers claim it’s a copyright infringment, Grey Tuesday is claiming it’s a restriction on creativity. I headed over and downloaded a couple of tracks, figuring if they were any good I’d join in with the protesting. Plus it gives me a good excuse to make a new theme for the site.
I won’t pretend I was enthralled by what I heard, ordinarily I prefer music by a few people with some guitars and drums, people who stick swords into electric organs, lots of people with miniature guitars and even huge crowds of people with no guitars at all. However from an impartial standpoint I will say that it sounded awfully well done from what I’ve heard of the genre, though I’m not sure why that chap had to talk all the way over the jolly nice intro’s…
I will endeavour to download and host the album on the 24th of February by means of protest, though I’m still convinced that this Dangermouse chap needs a decent drummer. I’ll also try and make the site grey. “Bo shizzle”.

Or something.