Amazon Media Manager 1.1

Sunday 1209hrs

Forget this, the all new version is out. I blogged about it here but you can just go grab all the goodies from the Amazon Media Manager homepage. Thankyou.


Cyber Squatting

Saturday 1158hrs

Recently the rapping chap Eminem won a case against a UK company who were using the domain to run their business. Now they have to hand it back to him within 10 days.
As much sympathy as I have for the multi-million-dollar music star discovering to his horror he can’t register what is obviously his number1 choice for a domain, I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if he was no more than a regular Joe on the street without the ability to summon more lawers than Harvard to his cause ?
I want someone to register or something, so that I may win a similar case and prove to the world that money doesn’t really buy justice.

Watch out Eminem. If Bill Gates decides that ‘Eminem’ would be a nice release name for the next build of windows, you might find yourself evicted from your cyber homes…

For the evidence suggesting that money buys you justice these days, skip to the BBC article.


Tuesday 1125hrs

Nothing much for today. I feel like crap (Cold) and am having another “Wouldn’t it be so much easier to be hit my a truck” moment. The only thing that tickled me on the BBC today was an article about junkfood, the irony was truly painful and the last bit really tickled me.

As though to emphasise the size of the task, a documentary (“Super Size Me”) is about to be broadcast in America featuring a person who eats nothing but McDonald’s meals for a month – and who gains 25 pounds in weight.

For the British, that translates into nearly 2 stones.

If McDonalds can make the reverse come true, then they deserve some serious praise. I wonder if everyone will forget their involvement with deforestation if they fix obesity? Probably.

Whaddya Want?

Monday 1346hrs

Over the weekend my traffic hit the lowest point it’s seen in a long time.
It got me thinking… What do you people want to see?

This started out as a photography site, but the hits in the gallery (Using my very crude PHP hit detector) don’t match up with the hits I get on my blog page, which made me wonder whether it’s my photographs or my irreverent rambling you want.

Please, see the comment button just down there to the right?

Hit that, and tell me what you want.

57 so far.

Friday 1023hrs

Well I’m doing OK. No near misses yesterday and I’m feeling confident 😉
A quick browse through the BBC today revealed this breath of fresh air. Finally a vacuous lawsuit rejected, I want to see more of these to be honest. The story is of a ballerina who was sacked because she was too fat. She tried to go for the kill and get £1,000,000 in compensation by claiming that ballet was an art of the soul, not of the kilogram.
Ok lady, try telling that to the poor sap in tights that has to get you airbourne.
If it was an art of the soul, I’d be using it to do the gardening and lift cars over my head. If you’re not fit to fly, lose some cargo!
I reckon unfair dismissal suits are going to crop up in the airline field soon. Airlines hire slim, svelt and small people because they fit down the aisles and they don’t contribute greatly to fuel load. If you’re a 300lb knuckledragger then don’t be shocked if you fail the interview, deal with it. Obesity to me represents a certain lack of willpower, and when it comes to apportioning blame don’t try and sue your boss, your partner or your favorite burger bar. No. Write your legal claim backwards and hand it over to the guy in the mirror.

58 Numbered Days

Thursday 1121hrs

A rather odd thing happened the day before yesterday that I intended to blog instantly, but forgot about until now. I took a phonecall at around 1900hrs and on the other end of the line was a rather happy-to-talk-to-you assistant calling on behalf of Barclays Bank. I’ll call him Jim. I can’t remember his real name.

Me: Heeeeello?
Jim: Hi there, I’m Jim calling from Barclays Bank. I’m pleased to inform you that you’ve been randomly selected as one of ten thousand customers to benefit from a special insurance cover option.
Me: Go on…
Jim: You’ve been selected to receive 60 days free accidental death cover, after which there’s no obligation to continue but should you wish to, it’s only fourteen pounds per month, and will cover you fo..
Me: Can I please just interrupt you there? I’m not intending to die accidentally before June, and there’s no way I can afford fourteen pounds a month to cover me after the trials over, so there’s not much point continuing from here.
Jim: *laughs* Ok, no problem sir. Thanks for your time.
Me: Thank you Jim, goodnight.

True story.
I got off the phone and wondered “Hey, how wierd would it be if I died accidentally before June?”. Then I started wondering if this was some kind of portent, or if they know something I don’t.
Either way, I can’t afford the £14 and if I do accidentally meet my maker, what the hell do I care if I had insurance or not?

58 days to go before I can stop randomly changing my route to the shops, closing the curtains early and hiding my garbage in other people’s binbags. 😉

Printing Money

Thursday 1011hrs

Once again my early (Hah!) morning glance over the BBC pulled this article about printer economy to the fore. It’s true that people are being liberated of their cash in a dastardly fashion by the ink vendors, not least when they return to the store they purchased the printer from to buy their cartridges. Why so? Well, PCWorld might do you a good deal on a printer but I guarantee they’re going to bend you over and take you for everything when it comes to replacing the ink… 😐

I think it’s time the modding community got a hold of this one. Afterall, how hard can it be to custom-build a super-reservoir, similar perhaps to the old Canon approach of having 1 colour and one black cartridge, or having one large black tank that occupied the same space as the two smaller ones.

There’s money in this, I can smell it.

There have been a few kidnappings of late in Iraq. A few days ago some Japanese were taken hostage and demands were made, to which the Japanese government (As far as I understand) responded rather dispassionately. Disgruntled, the captors released their victims. I can only imagine what they were thinking…
“You know, we need to capture some nationals from a caring country, a country whose government will respond to our demands out of desperate concern for the wellbeing of their citizens…”

Ladies and Gentlement, I give to you:

Russian Hostages Siezed in Iraq

Way to go guys… 😉