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Thursday, March 24th, 2005 at 1708

I’ve been toying with the idea of re-writing the Amazon Media Manager wordpress plugin thing, so I went to have a bit of a read about how best to integrate with Amazon’s services.

After reading through a few seemingly old tutorials it appears that if you use any particular “Talk to amazon with their permission” system, you have to register to become an Amazon Web Services (AWS) developer. This is free, but it did make me stop and wonder whether the general WordPress using audience would bother, or whether having to register with AWS would put them off using the new version of the plugin.

Come to think of it, after looking through the AWS centre I’m not even sure if the SOAP approach in the old tutorials is going to work. Won’t be able to say anything about that until I’ve tried it.

If anyone’s interested or has an opinion on this, mail me or comment here.

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  1. andyp Said this on

    I’ve recently been looking at the AWS stuff myself – basically playing around with some simple Java examples. It looks good and I’ve got it retrieving the first ten items of my wish list (for example), but what I’d really like is to be able to display a random one or two items from my 200+ item wishlist on my WordPress site.

    Although I did download your previous Amazon Media Manager I never got around to setting it up. Registering for an ID certainly wouldn’t bother me (I’ve got one now :-) – I reckon Amazon holds enough information about me now for it not to be relevant if they also know that I want to use their web service.

  2. Tek Said this on

    I really have been waiting for you to do this actually!

    I really loved this plugin and want a new one!

    Please! Pretty please! ?

  3. SCPanther Said this on

    I would definitely love to see an updated AMM for WP 1.5. I’m going to be trying to tweak it myself, but it will be slow going as I am a complete noob at web programming! 😉

    Please do keep us posted!


  4. a. Said this on

    I’m definitely interested in using this plugin for 1.5!

  5. Listless Lawyer Said this on

    For those interested in using this with 1.5, the current version works with very little adjustment. I put my notes on how to set it up here, if you all are interested. The result doesn’t integrate well with the WordPress dashboard, but it works perfectly.

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