Amazon Media Manager 1.1

Sunday, April 25th, 2004 at 1209

Forget this, the all new version is out. I blogged about it here but you can just go grab all the goodies from the Amazon Media Manager homepage. Thankyou.


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  1. Shadow_Xj5 Said this on

    OMG, like totaly leet dude…
    Ya know, I’m sure I’ve seen this around elsewhere 😉
    Den \o/

  2. Said this on

    Amazon Media Hack

    For a while now, I’ve wished for a WordPress hack that would utilize Amazon’s web services and allow you to update my music and books with a click of a button, and a few days ago my wish came true.

    Denyerec emailed me a few days ago and as…

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    […] see it at work on the blog the blog of prolific and pretty Kitta from down under. You can download the hack and get further information about it here. Comments (0) Comments RSS […]

  4. Weblog Tools Collection Said this on

    Amazon Media Manager Hack for WordPress
    Denyer has released the Amazon Media Manager hack for WordPress. There are lots of cool built-in features, they include:
    * Associate ID support
    * Display by media type: Book, DVD, Music or any combination
    * Display Most recent, recommen…

  5. Kitta Said this on

    A friend told me today that there’s an Amazon Canada – – So you could add .ca for any canadian wordpressers. There are also ones in Japan and France, but their sites aren’t in english.

  6. Hella Said this on

    Recent Books Section
    I’ve added a small section at the bottom of the sidebar that lists some of the books I have recently purchased. If you are a WordPress user and would like this feature, check out the Amazon Media Manager 1.0 hack by Denyerec.

  7. JErm Rebirth » Amazon Media Manager 1.1 Said this on

    […] Manager 1.1 Category: News and Updates — JErm @ 11:08pm Installed the Amazon Media Manager 1.1 courtesy of Denyerec. Still need to fix up the looks, but it’s workin g […]

  8. Zoomer Said this on

    Hmm this is just another reason why it would of been easier to just use wordpress. but oh no i had to create my own. you will be able to see it on sourceforge soon aswell.

  9. fonticulus: a small fountain or stream » Welcome to the new! Said this on

    […] Powered by WordPress || 0.294 Media data hack from Denyerec Technical support by toph 3/6/2004

  10. toph Said this on

    All I have to say is, WOW!!! This it totally what I was looking for. I was testing all consuming but browsers choked while they got it together for my site. I’m calling this function twice. One section for reading and another for watching. I knew there would be an “in-house” solution so people wouldn’t have to wait for a third party for the page to load. Awesome work Denyerec!!!

  11. Brad Said this on

    I added a flag to the ae_data table to record whether or not I’m currently reading a particular item. When combined with a gnome icon, I think it looks great! (I’m not using the Amazon images of the books)

    See it at Hella.

  12. Hella » What I’m Reading Said this on

    […] added a switch statement to the code. I think it’s a nice touch to the already great Amazon Media Manager hack. Comments (0) Views ( […]

  13. S.K. Keller Said this on

    A really nice and useful work! Thank you…
    If you are looking for ideas to extend this further, I will suggest two (do not take them as a wishlist -ie ‘do this for me!’-, but as mere suggestions -ie ‘ehy, I liked what you’ve done so much I wanted to give back something with my ideas’-):

    – The idea of the flag signaling what is being currently read / listened / viewed is a good one (see comments 11 and 12). Why not extend it along the lines of a ‘past-present-future’ readings? Past: what has been read; present: current readings; future: wishlist or planned readings (this works for CDs and DVDs too). With such a flag, one could publish a book excerpt when still reading it and automatically change it to a full review by marking it read, for instance.

    – This one is harder, I know: allowing the Media Manager to use some other popular sites beside Amazon ( and jump to my mind, but there are others). Because in some countries, Amazon is not always the more useful online seller (custom taxes come to mind)

    Just my 2 cents’ worth… Keep up the good work!

  14. Jeremy’s Little Corner Of The Web… » WordPress Hacks Said this on

    […] icktag changes Alex King’s Style Switcher and Photos KAShirow’s Photo Calendar Doug Stewart Said this on

    I’ve hacked the code a bit to make it work with Games.

    Okay, this is a TOTAL hack, but here’s how I did it:

    I altered wp-admin/amazonphp.php, after line 436, I added:I then altered amazoninfo.php. I changed line 75 (“else”) and added the following:

    elseif ($binswitch == 9)
    $wantedtypes[]=”WHERE type=’Games’ $rec”;

    I also altered line 73 to read:
    $wantedtypes[]=”WHERE type=’DVD’ OR type=’Music’ OR type=’Books’ OR type=’Games’ $rec”;

    Now, in my index.php, I call games using this:

    I’ll get it working so that you can arbitrarily combine Games with other media types soon, but Games at least work on their own or in random combo with the other media types.

  15. Doug Stewart Said this on

    Hrrrm, that last posting hosed my HTML code but good. Let’s try again.

    I altered wp-admin/amazonphp.php, after line 436, I added:

    >OPTION VALUE=”Games”>?php if($type==’Games’) echo ‘selected=”selected”‘;?< < Games>/OPTION<

  16. Doug Stewart Said this on

    Or, I could have done that backwards. Shazbot!

    <OPTION VALUE=”Games”<?php if($type==’Games’) echo ’selected=”selected”‘;?> > Games</OPTION>

    There, much better.

  17. David R Said this on

    I managed to get it working in 1.2alpha. Very nice, thanks.

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    […] eally nice, clean, PHP/MySQL driven system. It’s pretty awesome. Also awesome is the Amazon Media Manager Plugin which allows me to have those neato “reading” and “listeni […]

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    […] ss 4/30/2004 Amazon Media Manager Gonna install this hack when I get home. Posted By: Marshall at 3:39 pm Comments (0) […]

  20. Sir Osiss Said this on

    I have all the components in place, but can’t tell exactly how/where to place the get media command or how to edit the output. HELP!!!

  21. Danny Dawson Said this on

    There’s an insecurity inherent in Amazon Media Manager whereby any registered user can access, edit, delete, and post new media entries, regardless of the security level set on amazonphp.php by the admin. Because of this, it’s a bad idea to have open registration on your WP website and concurrently use AMM on the same weblog.

    Note that even though the tab in the admin interface for “Media” doesn’t show up for newly registered users, typing in will bring it up. This works for ANY logged-in user.

    I just discovered the vulnerability a few minutes ago

  22. Kitten Said this on

    Just added this, very cool. Need to update how the menu inserted into the 1.2 admin page.

  23. Sam Said this on

    Have look at my new bookshelf :)

    AMM works out-of-the-box, just the right thing!! Thanks a bunch.

    Just need to fiddle a bit with the CSS now…

    Dunno why, but neither ping nor trackback seem to work…so here’s the link manually. Strangely there are no probs throwing track and pingbacks back and forth between my old b2 blog and my new wp one. Anyhoo, ttyl.

  24. Laverne Said this on

    I love this plugin. It gives me a chance to finally see which Discworld books I have so that I don’t buy duplicates :)
    The displaying of bookimages did not work for me though but I think I fixed that:

    I changed line 387 of amazonphp.php to:
    $imageinfo = getimagesize(“$isbn.02.MZZZZZZZ.jpg”);

    And line 413 to:
    $image = “$isbn.02.MZZZZZZZ.jpg”;

    I hardcoded it to images-eu because thats the server I am using.
    The filename is [ISBN].[COUNTRY_CODE].[IMAGE_SIZE]

    [COUNTRY_CODE] (Language of bookcover scan)

    MZZZZZZZ=Medium size
    LZZZZZZZ=Large size
    _PE20_SCMZZZZZZZ=20% discount on book (This is different per book)

    Note: sometimes the images dont show up and give a 404. Just refresh and they will appear.

    Long post but I hope I helped someone who had the same problem.

  25. Alexis Said this on

    Hey, I set up your plugin a week or two back and I love it. A few questions I have are is there any way other than copying the image and link URL’s after putting in the ASIN number to get images to display in entries? I have a book and movie log that up until a few weeks back I had powered with Movable Type and the MT plugin MTAmazon. With that, you can wrap your coding around your entry tags and get it to search out what you’re looking for based on the title and then it displays it. So would there be any way using this plugin to do something similar?

  26. Broken Muse Said this on

    […] ally now that ScriptyGoddess is writting plugins for WP, so I’ll update it as neccessary. Amazon Media Manager – excellent plugin, I use it do display my recently re […]

  27. Manzabar Said this on

    I know people have gotten this hack/plugin working with WP v1.2 but I’ve not seen any good directions for how to do this. Could you please post some updated directions on how to do this? Thanks!

  28. Tek Said this on

    Yes, can someone tell me how do I add it to my-hacks.php I’m not all that bright and I would really love to get this hack to work! I have it added to my admin pages… I have yet added it to my layout (layout is the LAST thing I do… all hacks first and everything working before I make it look pretty)

  29. Daisyhead Said this on

    Is there any way to add the variables of price and the smaller amazon image instead of the bigger one?

  30. Daisyhead Said this on

    Also, any way to pull the rating image? The stars?

  31. Daisyhead Said this on

    Ack. I’m sorry for the multiple comments. Is there also a way to list previously read books, music, etc., with just a text link to Amazon, instead of the picturez? So you would have the book you’re currently reading now with the picture and info and then maybe down below have a list of the 3 previously read books with just the title and link to the book on Amazon? Thanks!

  32. turn me inside out and upside down... Said this on


    Fun With WP
    Alrighty, so I installed the Amazon Media Manager hack, figured out why my phpCalendar (and also, phpCurrently) scrip […]

  33. Alex Jones Said this on

    I have been testing Media Manager and CG-Amazon and much prefer Media Manager’s ease of configuration. But, as I posted in a thread on the support forums, I would like a little more functionality. Specifically, I really need the ability to set the status of an item. Like some of those posting comments above, I would like to note whether a book has been read, is being read at the moment, or is unread. I assume this would be a simple addition to the code and was about to jump into the code to try to implement it myself, but I would like to hear of any recommendations as to how best to implement it from the developer. So, any ideas?


    Alex J.

  34. Javamama [dot] net Said this on

    […] Toy!

    After much fiddlin’ and tinkerin’ around, I finally managed to get the Amazon Media Manager hack for WordPress installed today. I want to thank Lani for helping me out when I […]

  35. Jackdaw Said this on

    Installing this on 1.2 of WP is different, as people above have said.

    So to answer Manzabar’s question and make the process easier for us new WP users:

    Follow the instructions until (2), skip the menu.txt bit but do the rest. Carry on until (6a), skip this, it is not needed for WP 1.2. Now to add an admin link on your menus in WP 1.2 – edit wp-admin/menu.php, after the line that has ‘Users’ in it add the following new line: array(__(‘Amazon’), 5, ‘amazonphp.php’),
    Save and upload, and you are done.

    I also had to change the file amazonphp file to get book images working, following Laverne’s instructions above (Post 25), change the two lines – 387/413 – as they say and ignore the rest. Any questions let me know and I’ll try to help.

  36. Creation Robot » WordPress Plugins Said this on

    […] ammer and my WP/PHP CPR is awful. The last one I’ve dealt with is Amazon media from Denyerec. A really good and clever plugin with awful and stupid documentation. Like a LOT of WP plugins, […]

  37. Allison Said this on

    I’m trying to get this to work in 1.2, and I finally got as far as the Amazon link into the menu bar, but it has a question mark on each side – like ?Amazon? – and points to

    Any immediate ideas as to what I’m doing wrong?

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    […] ay posts only from a certain category (I was really looking for that a week ago!) Install Amazon Media Manager so it’s not such a pain to add book links mt-plugins has a great comment-for […]

  40. Connie Said this on

    I was wondering… I installed the plugin, and it works, but I have no idea what I have to add to my template to make the amazon stuff show up? I searched everywhere, everyone seems to know except me. *blush* Could you tell me maybe what code I have to add? Thank you!

  41. lomara Said this on

    connie, you have to put < ?php get_media(); ?> wherever you want your amazon items to show up.
    media(7,2,1); ?> will display Books, Music, DVD, 2 of each item, and 1 means recommended items only. i put mine below the “meta” section, in the menu column.

  42. Connie Said this on

    Thank you so much Lomara! :-)

  43. lomara Said this on

    whoops, i see some of the tags were stripped. hope you got the gist of what i was trying to say. good luck!

  44. John Fulwider Said this on

    A mighty fine tool, but … I’m using WP 1.2 and can’t get the php media call (as partially referenced in comment 43 above) to work. I get this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_media() in /home/johnfulw/www/www/wordpress/index.php on line 146

    I am fairly sure from reading support posts elsewhere that I’m using the correct syntax. Is this a 1.2-specific problem?

  45. John Fulwider Said this on

    Many apologies, the include(‘amazoninfo.php’); line referenced in step 6 of the installation instructions was not in my index.php file. I distinctly remember, however, putting it in. Last night I changed some color settings on my Google text ads, and said changes have now disappeared. Has anyone else experienced such troubles with their index, or am I just emitting a strange WordPress-scrambling magnetic field? :-)

  46. Denyerec's Log - Photo Gallery, Comments and Observations - Content and photography © M Denyer 2003 » Wordpress 1.2 Said this on

    […] ks whilst I hack and tweak things back to normal and then and only then will I re-code the Amazon Media Manager to work with WP1.2. I’m just about to start investigating WP […]

  47. nofie Said this on

    nice job!

  48. Chris Said this on

    Very cool – but for some reason, the Lost In Translation soundtrack is picked as a “not recommended” even though I have it flagged as recommended. I’ve tried deleting and re-adding it. The Media manager admin page shows it as properly tagged “recommended”. My other entries work properly so far. Someone else want to test this out? Is there a string in the LitT data that’s confusing the plugin?

  49. Chris Said this on

    Nevermind – there seems to be a larger problem here. It’s not respecting the switch at all when I request only non-recommended titles. On top of that, I’m getting pretty much no randomness. The call looks like:
    ?php get_media(0,0,1,’

  50. Chris Said this on

    To improve randomness, change the ORDER BY Rand call on line 96 of amazoninfo.php to ORDER BY Rand(” . time() . ” * ” . time() . “) LIMIT 1

  51. » Reviews and Site Updates Said this on

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  52. Tek Said this on

    Great plugin. I hope an update is in the works soon. =)

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  54. » media manager Said this on

    […] see on the sidebar, it seems to be working fine. and very easy to install too. thanks to for the good work.
    Posted by simple_girl in the Geeky stuff category(s) — […]

  55. technorata Said this on

    Thanks! Great code–and I managed to implement it in WP1.2. Thanks also to Daisyhead and Laverne for the pointers on style. Duly adopted.

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    Wednesday, July 28, 2004
    I am very, very happy with the plugin that enables me to create links to Amazon products (using my Associates’ code) simply by en […]

  57. Justin Baeder Said this on

    Two quick notes:
    1. Previous comment on this post is comment spam
    2. I found an XHTML bug:
    When the title of a product contains an ampersand (“&” sign, e.g. the CD “Hymns Ancient & Modern”), it is included as alt text for the image, but not escaped as &. XHTML requires that it be escaped.

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    WordPress Plugins
    Da es auf Arbeit heute todlangweilig war, hab ich die Zeit mal dazu genutzt, ein paar WordPress Plugins hier einzubauen, die ich für nützlich halte. Und da ich recht viele Besucher habe, die meine Seite mit dem Suchbegriff “WordPress” gefunden haben…

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    […] Added back the search and calendar functions on the right bar, and installed the Amazon Media Manager, which allows me to easily display the media items you now see on the menu bar. Th […]

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    WordPress Plugins
    Da es auf Arbeit heute todlangweilig war, hab ich die Zeit mal dazu genutzt, ein paar WordPress Plugins hier einzubauen, die ich für nützlich halte. Und da ich recht viele Besucher habe, die meine Seite mit dem Suchbegriff “WordPress” gefunden haben,…

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  62. particle Said this on

    I installes into WP 1.2 and followed the abovementioned changes. However, I get the following error.
    The requested URL /wp-admin/�amazonphpphp� was not found on this server.

    Any ideas?

  63. Jackdaw Said this on

    Particle: You may have used curled quotes (they lean) instead of straight ones in menu.php. Just check the code again, HTH.

  64. Justin Baeder Said this on

    I’m using the Nov 23 CVS release of WordPress, and get this error when I try to run amazoninstall.php:
    Warning: Access denied for user: 'apache@localhost' (Using password: NO) in [my webroot]/amazoninstall.php on line 14

    Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Access denied for user: 'apache@localhost' (Using password: NO) in [my webroot]/amazoninstall.php on line 14
    Error connecting to database.

    My guess is that this problem is due to changes made since the 1.2 release. It’s always risky using the CVS (cutting-edge releases), but I like seeing where WP is headed. Any ideas on how the database connectivity could have changed?

  65. » Currently Reading Said this on

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    ë‚´ê°€ 소장하고 읽고 있는 책들을 소개하려고 amazon media manager를 설치했다. 메뉴에서 My Bookshelf를 클릭하면 ë³¼ 수 있다. 차차 ë […]

  67. Seong Eun's Blog Said this on

    amazon media manager 설치.
    ë‚´ê°€ 소ì¥í•˜ê³  ì½ê³  ìˆëŠ” ì±…ë“¤ì„ ì†Œê°œí•˜ë ¤ê³  amazon media manager를 설치했다. 메뉴ì—ì„œ My Bookshelf를 í´ë¦­í•˜ë©´ ë³¼ 수 ìˆë‹¤. 차차 ë‚´ê°€ 소ì¥í•˜ê³  ìˆëŠ” ì±…ë“¤ì„ ë§í¬í•  예정ì´ë‹¤.

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    […] ome of the plugins that I want to use employ. For instance, I want to use Denyerec’s Amazon Media Manager but it uses fopen to retrieve media images from Amazon. This is disabled by my host […]

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  72. The Listless Lawyer Said this on

    I wrote up some quick notes on how I got the Amazon Media Manager to work with WordPress 1.5. Those notes are here, in case anyone finds them useful.

  73. Danno Said this on

    What am I doing wrong.. ive followed the instructions to the letter 3 times over now and when i click on the Amazon link in admin i just get a blank page! Help!

  74. Timtom Said this on

    To fix version 1.3 to work with WP 1.5, you have to add require_once('admin.php'); before require_once('admin-header.php'); and not merely replacing it, as the Listless Lawyer suggests. At least for me did it solve Danno’s blank page syndrom.

  75. Jeff Said this on

    I’ve made a big mess of my blog trying to get this to work with v1.5. UPDATE THE pluginfor 1.5! please.

  76. llr Said this on

    Love this script and its lack of bloat. fopen/read/close are disabled on the more security-conscious hosting servers, though. Any plans to update this script using curl?

  77. Tom Said this on

    To get this to work, add


    $title = 'Media';



    In amazonphp.php. Place amazonphp.php in your wp-admin folder.

    In your menu.php folder, after

    if ( get_option('use_fileupload') )
    $menu[45] = array(__('Upload'), get_settings('fileupload_minlevel'), 'upload.php');

    Add this line

    $menu[50] = array(__('Media'), 5, 'amazonphp.php');