…you’ve got nothing to hide.

This is the heinously erroneous (That means “Really really wrong”) statement is the last defence of someone who doesn’t really understand anything. They are the people who have absolute faith in the government, complete obedience to the state and most likely would try and deny the Holocaust. Low blow? The Jews, blacks, gays, gypsies and Russians didn’t have anything to hide, but it didn’t stop a totalitarian system rounding them up and gassing them in their thousands.

I have nothing to hide, except maybe acorns come winter, but I certainly don’t want a 3rd party collecting and inspecting every last detail about me not because I don’t trust the power structure now, but because I know it has the potential to change in the future. Once that information is collected, it’s impossible to un-collect it, so I would think very dearly about just how much you want to hand over. You never know when the next Adolf is coming round the corner…

That aside another thing that really annoys me is the Government passing legislation in the name of “Anti Terrorism” when it’s plainly just carte-blanche to do as they please – “Random” Stop and Search and covert intelligence gathering for one, or brandishing an entire nation as “Terrorists” and freezing their assets when it suits.

Say what now?

Exactly. Legislation brought in to allow the government to freeze the assets of a suspected terrorists (Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001) has been brought in against Iceland. The northerly, peace loving ex-vikings who fish for cod, program space-based MMORPGS and got suckered by the whole fractional gold-shitting-unicorn pipe dream of a banking system like the rest of the West. The difference is, of course, is that our great and noble country seems to think nothing of leveraging an anti-terror bill against an entire country. Are we really that terrified of the credit crisis? Did Iceland collapse its banking system as an act of political aggression directed towards a home or foreign body of state (You know, like, what terrorism is all about…)

No. They didn’t. Labelling it “security” is weak too, people have known about this coming crisis for at least 5 years, so to pretend it came out of the blue represents an intelligence failling so massive that it makes you wonder why they have an intelligence service in the first place. It’s quite frankly disgusting on too many levels to list here. Most of all, though, it should wake up the spineless fools who nodded over the top of their copy of The Sun on the ride to work in agreement with the last batch of anti “terror” rulings, hopeless in the belief that it would keep them safe from the bogeyman. The government seems quite happy to disrespectfully re-brand Iceland as a “terrorist”, and if they can do it to and entire nation, they can do it to you just the same.

If you have nothing to hide, you have everything to worry about, because when the blame is on you, they won’t stop asking questions until you give them what they want to hear. If you’re so arrogant as to assume you’ll never find yourself in that spot, find a European Jewish retiree and ask their opinion, they’ll have a lot to tell you.

Big Brother is Taxing You

Tuesday 1349hrs

12 Billion pounds for an insidious nazist database. And people complained about the LHC? This is absolute bloody madness, how about spending 12 billion fixing the broken education system so that you can create a generation of informed and responsible citizens who will do their own part to make the country safe and prosperous? Oh, yeah that’s right, the last thing anyone needs is educated and informed citizens, they’re a right pain in the neck. Ask the French Monarchy.

The only question left for me now, is which Ministry do I sign up for? I’m thinking the Ministry of Truth, as I’ve got a pretty keen eye for detail…

Shareholders are Evil

Thursday 1509hrs

I’ve said many times to many people that the system of “Shareholding” is the root of almost all evil. See, my logic is that if someone is involved as a purely financial shareholder (And not as a founding director, for example) then their only interest in the company at all is the financial performance of the company. This leads to many things. Support for wars, calls for shameless exploitation of children in the East, rapacious polluting of local rivers and streams to save expenditure on those pesky environmental regulations.

Why? For profit, of course. Altruism and decency go out of the window when an abstract EPS (Earnings per Share) becomes your sole interest.

So it’s no wonder I regard with some frustration our wonderful government turning over of essential, national supplies such as water, gas and electric to private shareholder motivated corporations. “Competition will keep prices down”, they hark, without realising that they’ve simply established a co-operative monopoly with only one interest: Profit.

See, the energy companies have a complete monopoly, even if they are acting as individual corporate entities. Why? Well the vast majority of the population have no means by which to adequately generate their own power, pump their own clean water, or supply their own clean, burnable gas. There is simply no competition, which means energy companies can do what they want with the prices and justify them however they please. In the case of these rapacious shareholders they’re claiming that freezing Grandma to death this winter is because, quote:

“This is a business that has got a million shareholders – a lot of pension funds and people have got their savings invested in British Gas shares and we have to look after them”

So clearly, their intention is to look after those people who have a stake in their company at the expense of the quality of life of the citizens of Great Britain. Is that really the attitude we want to see from the providers of essential services? The components of national infrastructure that contribute to basic qualities of life should never be placed in the hands of people who have no interest in the good of the people, it’s madness.

A democratic government has an obligation to its electorate, the majority, not the wealthy elite, yet time and time again we see them sacrificing essential public services in the name of “financial competition” and profits. As we charge headlong into plutocracy my advice to anyone out there is to get wealthy or learn how to survive without Oxygen, as sooner or later they’re going to start charging for air.

The End of the Internet

Saturday 0205hrs

Some French sounding people (Canadians I think) talk about the end of the internet.
They are not blowing hot air here and if enough lethargic devils don’t get off their arses and out of their chairs and actually actively DO something, the hard reality of corporate control over what is quite probably the 8th wonder of the world will come to pass.


The mentality of people who say “Ahh it’ll never happen” is the same one shared by the people who sat back and watched Kristellnacht.

In the words of the great Immortal Technique (From Poverty of Philosophy),

You cannot change the past but you can make the future, and anyone who tells you different is a Fucking lethargic devil.

Amen that man.

The 4th Realm

Thursday 1350hrs

I bring you possibly the sanest member of the UK parliament. So sane, he resigned.

David Davis Resignation Speech

Listen to his speech, it’s only a couple of minutes. You’ll most likely end up wishing, like I did, that everyone else except David Davis had resigned. Why is it that the people capable of forseeing the facist Orwellian mess that this nation is decending into are compelled to make their point by resigning, leaving the bloody minded idiots to man the ship whilst they condemn themselves to martyrdom and positions of impotence? I only hope the chap gets re-elected in the by-election and comes back to the house to do some good.

Knowing the average, constantly terrified and ever-suspicious-of-non-white-Britons Sun readership, though, I don’t much fancy his chances.

I draw your attention to this article on Plans to Allow Corporate Theft of Personal Works. I’m sure the bill has another name but this one will do just fine for me.

Please read the article, but for those with short attention spans or tight time constraints I’ll sum it up. Essentially it plans to make any work not registered for copyright “orphan”, whereby its copyright can be collected by someone else, or simply used without permission or financial compensation. How do you register something for copyright, I hear you cry? Well, you do so through a new, private and untested agency which, you will no doubt be completely shocked and surprised to discovered, has financial strings attaching it directly to those pushing this bill through. Conspiracy? Nooooo, of course not. Just business and, as with 99.9% of all big business, designed only with profit in mind.

Anyone out there from the US reading this, please shake down your local congressman. This is something that we do NOT want to see used as a role model in the rest of the civilised world. Political apathy is allowing those with the bankrolls to tighten their grip on the politic and that surely has to give out soon. One should have to choose to release a work into the public domain and be protected by default. Any other system is just completely insane. It gets even better in that anyone at all could register your work and, unless you respond to contest it within a defined period of time, wham, now it’s theirs.

It is so ridiculous at first I thought it was a joke. Honestly, if the government here try to pull this kind of stunt I’m moving to Canada.

UK Health Ministers are acting beyond their stations this week, calling for powers to mass-medicate the UK population with Fluoride. I can’t help thinking that depriving people of a choice and pumping (more) chemicals into the water supply is a bit, what’s the word… crazy? Yes, I’m well aware that it’s been going on in certain regions of the UK for a long time now, but I’m fortunately living in one of those areas where it doesn’t. If I want fluoride, I’ll go get some. Oddly enough, it’s the same approach I otake with antibiotics. Or chocolate. Or anything else I decide to consume. Furthermore there’s increasing evidence, trotting out of China no less, that is particularly damning when it comes to fluride in water supplies. We’re not talking dodgy tooth enamel and swiss cheese bones here people, no, we’re talking about fluoride causing brain damage. In truth, it’s lowering IQ’s, but the link text is king and I fancied some sensationalism.

The gist of the study is that, in two villages distinguished only by the flouride content in their water supply, children from the high fluoride areas were found to have test-provably lower IQ’s than the children from the low flouride village. Most of the safety studies performed in the past, you see, were performed on rats and, judging from the results of those trials it seems to me that they were only watching to see if the rats dropped dead. They weren’t tasking them with calculus, or even basic addition. Had they done so they’d have long ago realised that it was indeed making the rats more stupid. Or less intelligent (If the glass is half full for you. Of low-flouride water, of course.)

So this study may be flawed, but the fact is that there isn’t any damning evidence to the contrary and, in that condition, it’s alarming that the government is considering a mass medication programme of this nature. Perhaps they haven’t read this report out of China, or perhaps they’ve just taken another fat bung from British Aluminium.

See, Fluoride is what happens when you electrolyse sodium-aluminium-fluoride. Gory details toward the end of this little PR page on aluminium production. So what happens to the waste product?

Fluoride was originally pursued as a rat poison but, faced with having to get rid of huge quantities of the stuff, far more than RentoKill could chew through in a decade, the aluminium industry turned to local legislators and convinced them dumping the stuff into the water supply would be good for childrens teeth. Everyone knows that Britons have bad teeth, so the move was considered genius and approved. Everyone wins. Governments get a kickback from the Aluminium producers, the Aluminium producers get rid of their waste and the children of the UK grow up with shiney teeth and an IQ so low that they are unable to question the system.


The absurdity of all this is compounded by the fact that the only positive reason cited for adding toxins to the water supply is that it helps your teeth by hardening them. Well, excuse me, but isn’t brushing your damn teeth a simpler alternative? If your child is too stupid or too lazy to brush its own teeth then you’re either a bad parent or natural selection is guiding your kid toward a soft food diet.

Nuking Iran

Tuesday 1249hrs

Take a look at this video about nuking Iran. It’s really short and the speaker doesn’t use any long words, so I recommend it. I believe he’s right on the money and I believe that anyone who thinks that marching men into Iran when we’re already engaged in two insane conflicts is a good idea, is quite, quite mad and heinously irresponsible.