Bit of a cheeky SEO punt here, but Typo3 has released a major update for its Open Source Content Management System, version 4.4. Featuring an overhauled backend, improved introduction package and install, as well as a new framework for extension authoring, it’s a pretty big update. One of the best Open Source Content Management Systems out there, providing you can scale the near-vertical learning curve 😉 (Something the new starter package is design to assist you with!)

If you’re like me, and seem to spend what time you’re not sleeping or working on the telephone, then a headset is a mighty sodding good idea. Plantronics make one called the C65 which pairs with any GAP (Generic Access Profile) capable DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) phone such as the handy-dandy Seimens Gigaset E495 I now happen to own.

However, pairing the DECT headset trips some people up as indeed it got me earlier. The snag was the base station PIN.

  1. Reset the PIN for the base station to 0000
  2. Confirm the PIN is 0000 by re-registering a handset as per your DECT phone manual
  3. Hold down the volume wheel on the C65 headset for 3 seconds (When the light comes on, you can let go)
  4. Put your base station into pairing mode (On the E495 base unit, this simply requires you to hold down the button on the front of the unit for ~3 seconds)
  5. After 4-5 seconds, the light on the C65 should go out. Press the main button on the headset and you should get a dialtone
  6. You can now set the base PIN to something less obvious if you wish, but as registering a handset requires physical access to the base unit you’re not at risk from pikey neighbours stealing your phoneline.

Hope this helps someone, I had a brief headscratch moment earlier thanks to my over exuberance with changing the PIN before I’d registered the headset!

I really don’t think I could have put it better than this chap on BoingBoing.
Allowing libraries to shut down is just cretinous. It’s beyond the absurd. Spending billions on building a wall across Mexico, blowing up parts of the desert, spying on old enemies, hunting down bogeymen and paying private contractors Billions of dollars of money to perform tasks that a government run institution could do for less? Go right ahead. Put a little money aside for a library? No chance.

If this is a sign of things to come, librarians in the US better start stocking up on rations and ammo. Disgusting.

Sad thing is, if the resistance to US Government backed healthcare is anything to go by, people are probably cheering the cuts thinking it’ll save a little on their taxes, whilst being so uninformed as to not realise they’re paying more per day in taxes for Iraq Part Deux than they would to run every library in their country. If this absurdity ever comes to pass over here I’m leaving for the moon.

Shoe Conspiracy

Monday 1157hrs

More Damning Anti-Shoe Material, the same old really, but I do find myself wondering if the Chiropodists are in league with the shoe manufacturers.

Gone in 720 Seconds

Friday 1016hrs

This very-much-expected UK ID Card Failure needs no real comment, beyond the somewhat smug “I’m surprised it took them that long…”

Blowing off the dust

Thursday 1004hrs

Wow. April was the last time I made a meaningful contribution to the internet via the medium of blogging, between then and now not a lot has changed, but a lot has changed. Cryptic zen nonsense perhaps, but there’s a shift in my outlook now that is going to promote a flurry of relaxed activity over the coming months. Whether it’s down to the sun coming out, or the magnesium citrate that I’ve taking to examine its effect on depressed mental states I don’t care, but I’m more enthusiastic about things in general than I have been in years. Don’t expect anything overnight, but at least in the coming months the plan is to finally start doing all the things I’ve thought about instead of just thinking about them. Hopefully the change in mood isn’t temporary, as that would be devestating.

In other news, Trier is a really, really nice city to visit in Germany if you like old things (Roman, Medieval, etc) and getting there by Ryanair can cost you as little as £8 each way (ALL IN!) so long as you read the smallprint. Never quite understood why people get so passionately aggressive toward companies like easyJet and Ryanair, as what can one really expect when paying so little?

Finally, it was brought to my attention recently that the Government is subsidising rail transport so heavily that it may as well re-nationalise it and stop the idiot managers creaming off the “profits”, which turn out to be just un-spent subsidy. East Coast Rattletrack is already back with Big Brother, I just wish they’d get a move on and fix the lot, the current situation is a sham of a mockery of a mockery of a sham of a mockery.

Bombproof Cameras

Tuesday 1151hrs

A friend of mine linked me to a photo of a particularly Orwellian advertisement earlier today, go take a look for yourselves. It takes a special kind of idiot to swallow that kind of desensitizing, CHEKA inspired propaganda but fortunately the British public is filled with just such special idiots. Honestly, there hasn’t been one incident that I can think of that made the news where a bomb attempt was stopped thanks to CCTV footage (Please correct this assumption if you can find anything), however there is a lot of CCTV footage of bombs going off. What does this tell me? CCTV does absolutely bloody nothing to prevent terrorism (Or indeed street violence), it can only help to identify and chase down the offenders.

What next? Pink hearts and fur on the cameras to make us love them?

We must love the cameras.

We must love Big Brother.

In your silly shod faces.

Wednesday 2314hrs

I look forward to even more evidence emerging that I am not, contrary to popular shoe-fetishist belief, insane.

True I need foot-covers during the winter, and when there’s an abundance of TWO INCH LONG ants kicking around the place, but fortunately for my poor feet it’s summer and I’m back in Blighty.

Ahhh, sweet relief.