Spring Clean

Wednesday 1442hrs

I really need to move to WordPress 1.5 and redesign.

German Spammers!

Thursday 1226hrs

My apologies to users of Mail.de but I have had to blacklist you.
Why ?
partypoker2004@mail.de decided to start spamming my site as if there were no tomorrow, literally. To stop the torrent of crappy “Come and play poker great ra love your site have some herbal viagra” emails I had no choice but to blacklist his domain.

If you are trying to comment and it’s blocking you because of this, drop him a line and complain.

As usual I’ve lapsed into a spate of “non updatiness”. I am having a HDD replaced and once it’s back will be restoring my photo archive to active service, as trying to find files on my backup DVD’s is a right pest and doesn’t encourage me to post shots here.

Don’t forget to check out the Photography Forum and send money to my paypal account if you’re feeling generous 😉

Favicon Extravaganza

Tuesday 0950hrs

I made a post a while ago about how to make the winky little favicons, the little 16×16 icons that appear in the address bar in decent, working browsers.
This morning a mail dropped into my box concerning a favicon gallery which is a great site made even better by the fact that my monkey made it in there, ohh err!

In other news, I’m starting to get a little paranoid about my blog/website crashing to peices and also about me forgetting the plethora of passwords I’ve had to create for things over the last few months. I suck with remembering things in a bad, bad way. So far, Natwest have had to reactivate my online banking account no fewer than 3 times…

Stolen Goods

Monday 2240hrs

I must make an effort to chase someone up who has been stealing my work.

Someone also pointed out that the Creative Commons license thing would be a good idea for my site, though I forsee one problem which is people nicking my work and not crediting me. People have been doing it with my Amazon hack for WordPress, they use it and they don’t link to me when the ONLY condition for use is that they do so. Cheap sods.
One link, it’s not like it would cost them but NOooooooooooooooooooo.

Anyway, point being I don’t mind things being used for NON PROFIT stuff, providing I am fully credited with my name and website address. Terms and Conditions for all of this should follow soon but I’m a bit too busy trying to scrape this month’s rent off the floor.

Firefox Security Hole

Friday 1602hrs

Get it while it’s hot!

This thread details the incredibly quick fix for the firefox/IE security hole. I doubt this will be the last, but it’s encouraging just how fast the remedy came out.


Monday 2056hrs

Just thought I’d do some cross-site pimping, and add a link to a chum from #eve-online to the links list. Go, now, check out Rinnyweeeeeee!

I keep resolving to add more photos. I keep failing. Cheer me up and send me some money perhaps? 😉

WordPress 1.2

Wednesday 1332hrs

You may or may not know that I used WordPress to power the blog section of my site. I use 1.0.1 which is now old and cranky. Version 1.2 has been released but I’m in the middle of re-writing my gallery backend so won’t be upgrading for a few weeks until the gallery is finished. When I finally do upgrade, expect things not to work for another good few weeks whilst I hack and tweak things back to normal and then and only then will I re-code the Amazon Media Manager to work with WP1.2.

I’m just about to start investigating WP1.2 offline, though I heard 1.3 is in the pipeline and will be another major update, so I may skip 1.2 all together if I’m too slow getting round to the upgrade.


Saturday 2122hrs

For anyone who couldn’t get to my site Friday/Saturday, it was because my host United Hosting were doing some server shuffling and under their new system you cannot make database connections to “Localhost” anymore, only to
Thanks to the excellent mods in their support forums as soon as I was tipped off about the problem by Zimmerframe I had it fixed within a few minutes.
Doesn’t mean you get any new photos, though.